Computer Yellow Alert

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Here is a replacement Yellow Alert sound, not the best yellow alert sound made mainly because it was made using Microsoft Speech. Its highly recommended that you back up the orginal just incase you do not like this soundfx.



This is actaully my first posting, so I wanted to keep it simple at first. Too bad I can't make a simple readme file...

This is a simple file for "yellow alert". Basically, it tries to fake the computer saying "attention all decks, yellow alert." It's a v.1.0 because the computer voice is from Microsoft and Zabaware, not the enterprise D computer. I'll update the file when I get a recording of that.

First of all, back up your yellow alert file, just in case you don't like this.
It's pretty simple, just unzip it and put the file into C:/program files/activision/bridge commander/ and copy the sfx file into there. Just hit "yes" when it asks you if you want to overwrite it. (this also works with the demo, just put it in Bridge commander demo instead)

If you have any problems (which is unlikely) you can feel free to e-mail me at: [email protected] Well, good luck, and enjoy the adequate computer voice.

It's better than just a beeping noise.
Oh, and by the way, you still have to listen to Saffi, unless you have her quiet with one of the mods.

LEGAL... well actually, I really don't care. I am a full believer in the free exchange of information, and yada yada yada. I put down the following guidelines:
1. Feel free to download, distribute, yada yada yada this EXACT file, as long as I am credited (which basically means include this readme)
2. Feel free to change it in any way, and re-publish the changes on filefront, you can choose whether or not to credit me.
3. The one thing I forbid, FORBID!!! Do NOT republish this EXACT file crediting it as your work. 
4. Not that anything should go wrong, and I'm paranoid, and scan everything for, well everything from viruses to spyware, but just in case I'm not responsible for anything that causes undesired results to your computer. So anything other than changing your yellow alert sound isn't my fault. It's still your duty to practice safe internet steps, so be paranoid and proud!


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