Corinthian Class Experimental Escort

A mix of Fed and Borg technology, the Corinthian is an escort prototype from a post Nemesis era - probably something around the 25th century...


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A mix of Fed and Borg technology, the Corinthian is an escort prototype from a post Nemesis era - probably something around the 25th century. This little babe has ablative armour, multivectral shielding, a cloaking device and some adapted Borg weapons. Nanoprobes spread across the ship repair damage much faster than ordinary damage control teams, but don't forget that this is a small, very fast and very maneuverable ship, built for escorting runs and's DEFENSE is better than it's don't expect to go blowing 3 or 4 capital ships in a roll. The ship has a Borg torpedo that drains shields, standard Federation phasers and Borg pulse cannons. They pack a punch but don't fire very often. Use your cloaking device wisely.

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Download 'corinthian.rar' (3.14MB)

 Corinthian Class Experimental Escort


Design : J. Grey ([email protected])

Mesh & Textures : Smiley ([email protected])

Convertion & Hardpoint : Zambie Zan ([email protected])


 Experimental Escort

The Corinthian class is an experimental prototype Federation vessel incorporating captured and adapted Borg technology. The structure of the metals throughout the hull are loaded with Federation nano-probes based on an adapted Borg template, they assist in keeping the structure sound in conjunction with the upgraded SIF. This allows the vessel to withstand the huge demands placed on the ship from combat manoeuvres that would not normally be possible without it. 
The nano-probes can modify the hull's metallurgy at the quantum level in seconds to adapt it for the different requirements of high speed, atmospheric landing, combat or stealth.


Ablative Armour
Multivectral Shielding
Cloaking Device
6 Type-X Phaser Arrays (2fp / 2fs / 1ap / 1as)
1 Fwd Launcher – Borg Shield Drainer
2 Borg Pulse Cannons (2f)


This ship uses the Borg Shield Drainer seen on TNG episode "Q Who?" - The first onscreen Borg appearance. It'll drain the target's shield at a rate of 10% per hit.

The Borg Torpedo is a variation of edtheborg’s script for the Hyperion Torpedo included in the FTA v2.0



- FTA v2.0 (Future Tech Add) for the Borg Torpedo to work
- ATP (Advanced Tech Pack) for the Ablative Armour and Multivectral Shielding 



- Unrar into a temp folder and copy the data, scripts and sfx folder into your BC folder.

Tested in Bridge Commander v1.1


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Credit Request: If u wish to change or alter this model in any way from its current form, please contact the origional author/authors for their permission, and please give credit for their work. Thanks.

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