CR TNG Borg Cube

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Here is the TNG Borg Cube, this cube is highly detailed and may cause some problems on slower machines. This cube is very powerful and can take out almost any ship very easily. This cube can easily take on most fleets of many sizes as a cube should be able to, as its weapons can literally rip through ships very quickly, to take on this ship you will need at least 20 - 30 ships or more (and a very good computer at the same time) to even make a scratch on this ship. For those who want more borg cubes in the game then this one is for you.



Author:		CaptainRussell

Mod Name:	CR TNG Borg Cube

-Bridge Commander V1.1

	This mod contains my Next Generation era Borg Cube.  The ship has more yellow and white tones and also has more white and yellow weapons, but don't think that because it's an older design of Borg Cube that it's any less dangerous!
	The ship can only fire beams and pulses on single-fire, and includes a couple of new weapon textures that I made from scratch - most notably a new cutting beam Targa and a new warp energy beam Targa.  The ship's textures are modified versions of the textures that came with the Cube that was included in the C2Extreme Borg Ship Pack, so C2Extreme deserves credit for these; also note that the plasma projector Targa is actually the Durandal phaser Targa that was included with the SNS Galaxy, so Durandal deserves credit for this.
	I did this ship's mesh from scratch, and it totals 6299 vertices and 12530 polygons - far more detailed than the mesh that came with my Voyager-era Borg Cube (the first Borg ship that I did from scratch, the CR Borg Cube).

	Double-click on "CRTNGCube.exe" and let the ship install - extract the "Extras" ZIP archive to get the ship TGL from there as well - this file, "CRTNGCube.tgl" goes into your "BC-Mod Packager/Ship TGLs" folder - use BCMP to update the TGL into the game after placing the TGL into the aforementioned folder.

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