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This is a re-release of the Armored Voyager, with the compression errors fixed.

The ship is a refitted Voyager, based after Endgame, with the armor activated by MVAM, the hardpointing is fantastic, with the torpedoes fired as pulse weapons to solve a topredo problem that MVAM causes.

If you like Voyager, you should love this mod.



D&G/MrJohn Armored Intrepid 
for Captain on the Bridge


This is a remake of MRJOHNs amazing Armored Voyager One. Included is the USS Voyager which is capable of deploying ablative armor (seen in Voyager: Endgame). This version of Voyager is a more enhanced version, since we imagined it would exist several months after Voyagers return, once it had undergone various upgrades. This vessel will also feature in a new Total Conversion called Captain on the Bridge (CoTB). We would like to ask you to visit the CoTB forums and take part in the making of this new project. This will feature a storyline set in the post-nemesis era.

Starfleet Intelligence:
When the USS Voyager returned from seven years in the Delta Quadrant they brought back with them an advanced technology from the future. Initially Starfleet was skeptical about such a technology existing in the first place as it violated the prime directive. However Voyager was able to destroy a Borg Transwarp hub as they made they’re return to the Alpha Quadrant and as such Starfleet became worried that the Borg would retaliate for such an action. Whilst many within Starfleet debated the issue, it was Captain Jayneway who pushed for the technology to become utilized by Starfleet incase the Borg did appear. Over several months the USS Voyager underwent a complete refit to bring the ship up to date with the latest technology. Scientists were also able to enhance the strength of the advanced armor from the future to make it more durable against Borg weapons. The ship was eventually completed, however the Borg have so far not appeared, for now…

D&G Intentions:
After seeing MRJOHNS Armored Voyager we loved the chance to be able to work on it further. We wanted to create Voyager in a way that made it appear as if it had undergone further enhancements since Voyagers return. We visualized that Starfleet was forced to use the advanced technology out of fear of a Borg attack. (Remember that the crew of Voyager has no idea that the Queen was killed, or that the Borg have suffered a massive loss). With this in mind we bring to you the D&G Armored Intrepid…

Armored Intrepid Data:
-Modified Warp Core (To accommodate the upgraded Armor System)
-Ablative Generator > Capable of deploying armor that covers the entire hull using a type of enhanced replication method. The technical detail is CLASSIFIED 
-Enhanced Phasers > Utilize a stronger power output to tear through hull plating and shields easier. 
-Type 7 Photon Torpedoes (Yield=795) 
-Type 2 Quantum Torpedoes (Yield=1200)
-Transphasic Torpedoes (Yield= 800000)
-Upgraded Thrusters> Modified to accommodate a slight increase in weight when the armor is deployed. 


*Bridge Commander 1.1
*Latest Foundation

*Latest QBAutostart: http://defiant.homedns.org/~erik/STBC/QBautostart/QBautostart-0.8.zip

*Future Technologies 2.0: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Future_Technologies_2;31845

*MVAM Infinite: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/MVAM_Infinite;26555

*Shuttle Launching: http://defiant.homedns.org/~ftb/TechFramework-1.0.zip

*Delta Flyer: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Delta_flyer;15042

*Armored Voyager One: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Armoured_Voyager_One;35399

Extract the folders to a temporary directory. Copy and paste the Data, Scripts and SFX folders into the BC main directory and overwrite when asked. Then select the vessel from the Federation menu and enjoy. In order to deploy the armor, activate the MVAM in Saffi’s menu. Then go to Felix’s menu and click, Plating Online…In order to switch torpedo types, use the option in Felix’s menu. Torpedoes operate through the Pulse System. Make sure you turn on the Future Tech Mutator.

*All torpedoes use the same launching SFX. If anyone knows how to solve this, please let me know. We Are preparing a patch that will be released soon.

Credits and Thanks:
Produced by D&G Productions (Dragon & Gdluque)

Voyager Textures    -Rick Knox & MRJOHN
Armored Textures   - Gdluque
Phasers Textures      - Gdluque
Icon		        - Gdluque
SFX                            - Dragon
Hardpoint                  - Modified by Dragon
MVAM Plug-in	         - MRJOHN & Adonis
Torpedoes                  - Dragon & Dkealt
Model	                     - Rick Knox & MRJOHN
Testing	                     - Dragon / Gdluque / MRJOHN/ CotB Staff
Readme	                     - Dragon
Mods in the requirements list are credited to their respective owners…

Special thanks to MRJOHN for making the ship in the first place. We would also like to thank people at BCU and our friends at CoTB (http://www.starfleet-command.biz/phpbb/portal.php) for their support and ideas. We also ask that you please visit CoTB and take part in the creation of an amateur mod that will bring new life to Bridge Commander. With a story which takes place 3 months after the events of Nemesis, you will get to take part in history in the making, as an alliance with the Romulans is under threat, and a plan to destroy the Federation is unraveled. Visit our site or forums of more information.

Please do not use any components of our work without our permission, its just polite.
Visit http://cablemodem.fibertel.com.ar/dygproductions/ for our site.

Contact Us: [email protected]


Dragon & Gdluque
And the CotB Team

We are not responsible for any damage to your game or computer. All files have been virus scanned prior to being uploaded. . If you encounter any problems we shall try to solve them…please see our contact details.

Star Trek belongs to Paramount Viacom ©.

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