D&G's Class 1 Pulsar Torpedo

Here is the pulsar torpedo, its a powerful torpedo that can do some damage. It is very useful in the "destroyer" type ships, like the Intrep...


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Here is the pulsar torpedo, its a powerful torpedo that can do some damage. It is very useful in the "destroyer" type ships, like the Intrepid, Defiant, Nova or even the Centaur :D... - Highly Recommended

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Download 'dgclass1pulsartorpedo1.0.rar' (425KB)

D&G's Class 1 Pulsar Torpedo
The Class 1 Pulsar Torpedo is the most advanced combat torpedo developed by Starfleet. Based upon the Transphasic torpedo acquired by U.S.S Voyager, the Pulsar features a much lower power output that makes it more efficient during combat. Analysis of Transphasic technology revealed that the Pulsar could phase through most known shielding on a rotating modulation  – This was perfected using data from Krenim warheads and Srivani Binary Pulsar inertial field theories, preventing any form of adaptation and causing almost instant hull damage. Starfleet recommends that destroyer class vessels be fitted with the Class 1 Pulsar, since its advanced targeting system relies upon speed and rapid attacks to guarantee a successful strike.
Note: This is a powerful weapon, designed by Starfleet for rapid attacks against Borg and Dominion vessels.

*Bridge Commander 1.1
*Latest Foundation

1/ Unzip the files into a temporary folder and then copy and paste the Data, Scripts & SFX folders into your Bridge Commander directory. Then over-write the files once asked to do so. (No files will be replaced)
2/ Go into “Bridge Commander\scripts\ships\Hardpoints” and open up a ship.py that you want to add the torpedo to using notepad (or any other text document). <We recommend using the Defiant or Intrepid>. Scroll down the text until you come across something similar to this:

Copy the top two lines of this part and paste them below the ones you just copied. Now change the lines you just copied, so that they include the below information…It should look something like this once it is finished:

Note the numbers/letters coloured. These are the parts that you must change in your script. Once you have finished, save. Then delete the .pyc located in the same folder that corresponds to your ship.
Load the game and the Pulsar should be the second torpedo type available. 
Textures- GDLUQUE / Dragon_UK20002
Sounds- GDLUQUE / Dragon_UK20002
Script- Modified by GDLUQUE / Dragon_UK20002
Testing- Dragon_UK20002 / GDLUQUE
Readme- Dragon_UK20002 / GDLUQUE 
Please do not use any components of our work without our permission, its just polite.
This torpedo is part of D&G Productions: Visit http://cablemodem.fibertel.com.ar/dygproductions/ for more of our work.

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