Damage Report



This mod uses some unused stock sounds, and rearanges others, for giving damage reports. Also makes Felix give a funny response.



A Mod by CaptianKeyes

Damage Report Mod Version 1.0

What is this?

-It is a SFX mod for the popular game Bridge Commander. This replaces some of the more commonly heard crew sfx in the game.

I commonly find myself yelling damage report at Saffi, since I'm getting torn to shreds. I was tired of getting the same old replies back all the time. So, I looked around in the sfx folder and found some better sfx.

I changed most of the sfx to Brex's voice, since he has the most versatile collection of MP3's. In other words, he had most of the sounds i needed. Some, however, are other characters.


Bridge Commander, any version as far as i know.


-All of the "fully funtictional" sfx remain the same.

-Most, if not all, of the "damaged" sfx are changed.

-Several "Destroyed" sfx are changed.

-Felix's "Report" button will now give a humerous reply.

-There might be a few others here and there that i forgot...


1) Download mod (duh)
2) Use WinZip to unpack (duh again)
3) Take the folder "sfx" and dump it in your BC directory, which should be c:/program files/activision/bridge commander
4) Overwrite where prompted
5)Run BC and have some fun!


If you have comments, questions, problems, etc. Send me an Email at [email protected]
That's also my AIM adress.

None known, other than some of the sfx being a little out of place here and there. For example, some are saying that systems are "Disabled" when they are "Damaged" and Brex will say you have a hull breach at 75% hull integreity (watch TNG: Best of Both Worlds. They get hull breachs within 1 shot.)

Changing the SFX- Captain Keyes
SFX- The People Who Made Bridge Commander


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