Dark Haired Saffi



Simply makes Saffi have Dark Hair.




	Well this is my first mod EVER. So I am pleased with the selection that is now given for SAffi. I cleaned up the
skin a little. Allthough she looks like she should have taken off the sunglasses in the  tanning booth. I gave her some 
antibiotics for that infected ear so it looks much better. Gave her an earing. You have 2 different lip colors,2 different
 hair colors, and 6 different eye colors for all the above. My main goal was  fixing the ear and giving more variety.I used 
 "Joxbos" (Attractive saffie) as the base of my work since Joxbo did some of the work I wanted to do."THANK YOU JOXBO!!";)
 I want some of the credit for this work going to you.Since I used your mod as the heart of my tweeking.


	Back up your ORG. Saffi files (in case you want to replace them later)
Then go back to (What ever hard drive STBC is installed on) Click on, Activision/Bride Commander/Data/Models/Characters/Heads/
Saffie. There will be 10 files in this folder. The first three stay in the folder and you can leave these alone(head.tga,
mouth.tga and saffi_head.NIF) The other seven Start with Saffi and are all .tga files. Highlight these 7 files and put them 
 somewhere for safe keeping if you want. Highlight the 7 source files you want to import, right click, select copy, goto STBC 
 File and paste the 7 files.  If prompted from your pc " File already exists. Do you want to replace ?" click yes however many
 times it asks. Thats it your done. Thanks Again to Joxbo, and hope you like the selection! No problems in testing.

 New projects...

	I have started to  list all the Saffi MP3S and hired my voice actress for the COMPLETE REPLACEMENT OF SAFFIS VOICE!!!

 This project is in the first stages and should be done within 3 months time of this ORG posting.Kelen has an angelic and 
 seductive voice. The first run will be a COMPLETE REPLACEMENT for all stock ingame and quick battle voice files...AKA if 
Saffi talks at any time .. period... you will hear kelen. She has expressed that after the first "STOCK" replacement is 
released she would like to do another, with Brand new unheard dialog , and a nasty injection of ... well you'll see.


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