DarkGunman's BC Improvements Pack



This is a massive Bridge Commander Improvement Pack that really adds to the Bridge Commander experience. It contains loads of mods with many new sounds and textures, a new interface font and new ship icons. This is a must have for any Bridge Commander user.

And to make things better, its compatible with MPMP so you can use all these enhancements online battling against others. And it comes with an installer so no manual work is required.

I strongly urge you to download this now!



DarkGunman's BC Improvements Pack FINAL

Compatible with Normal BC, DarkShimmer's MPMP

This Mod pack started as an idea put together all the mods i would usually have to re-install after installing BC, thus saving me time. However, this grew into the pack that that it is now - a mod to truely make BC a cinematic experience and make you feel like you really are in an episode or a film. As far as I'm aware, this pack is the first to collate all of this together to make installation easier and the BC experience better.

Best way to compare this to what the original looked/sounded like, is to create a copy of you BC folder and run a quick battle with the bases and the ships - then try it with the Improvements Pack, you'll notice it straight away :)

Please note that some of the mods in this pack have been the work of other people who have had these mods freely available for sometime, so where possible they have been credited for their original work but I will also say whether ot not I have tweaked them to further improve them for better effect.

Before installing, you MUST either rename your /SFX/Music folder to back it up, or delete it - while a lot of new music is added, it does not replace everything so a lot of the existing BC music would cut in.. spoiling the cinematic feel. Once you've backed-up/removed the /SFX/Music folder, extract the contents of this pack into your BC folder and overwrite the files if prompted. Since this replaces no critical files, it won't affect your multiplayer scripts.


- Added Galaxy Class Bridge Loop
- Edited Sun, Flare, and Atmosphere Textures - Major improvement to the Sun lens flare :)
- Added TMP Photon sound from Elite Force, edited version for Quantum.. much cooler
- Added LCARS Interface sounds - much better menu experience
- Added LCARS Font - completes the interface experience
- Installer made, released to public.

- Tweaked the SpaceDust texture.
- Created New ExplosionA and B texture, very cool explosion effect
- Edited WarpFlash to remove hazy backround, looks perfect now
- Added my New Stock Textures, after muchos testing 
  (thanks to [NUFP]U.K for the help testing)
- Added ST:7 Music after editing, removed some music
- Added ST:8 Music after editing, removed some music
- Added ST:2 Music, removed some music
- Added Crimson Tide and aliens Music
- Added my Ship Icons
- Credits compiled

- Compiled all mods togther in one folder
- Tweaked music file names to get best cinematic effects
- Edited stock Starstreak tex, looks TNG style now.
- Added Armada 2 Explosion sounds, spent 2 hrs listening and replacing
- Added Armada 2 Bridge Explosion Sounds, spent 1 hr listening and replacing


New Ship Textures for the stock models  - DarkGunman
 - Bird Of Prey
 - Vorcha
 - Warbird
 - Galor
 - Keldon
 - Hybrid
(re-works of the original textures, done by myself)

New Ship Textures for the stock models  - USS Salem
 - Sovereign
 - Akira
 - Galaxy
 - Nebula
(slight improvements by myself)

New Starbase Textures for stock models - DarkGunman
 - Card Starbase
(re-works of the original textures, done by myself)

New Ship Icons			- DarkGunman
New Explosion Textures		- DarkGunman
New Damage Textures		- DarkGunman
New Sun/Flare Textures		- DarkGunman
New Torpedo Textures		- DarkGunman

If any of these stock textures are used in another mod, 
you must contact me first, and they must be credited to DarkGunman
E-mail : [email protected]
New Loading screen	- Myself
New Loading Viewscreen	- System47 Screen Saver
New Planet textures		- BlackRook32 - reworked PurplePlanet texture
New Nebula Backbround textures	- Unbreakable - reworked by myself
New Nebula Gas Clouds textures	- Ben Howard (comment - outstanding work!)
New SpaceDust texture		- Phasers-On-Stun - tweaked by myself
New Starfield Texture		- [email protected] 
NEw TNG Starfield Warp effect 	- Original TG - reworked by myself
NEw WarpFlash Textures 		- Roscoe McCord - reworked by myself
New Weapon sounds		- Armada 2
New Explosion Sounds 		- Armada 2
New Bridge Explosion Sounds	- Armada 2
New Warp In and Out sounds	- Armada 2 / TG original - reworked by myself
New Music			- Various sources, edited by myself
 - Confident-11a 	- Crimson Tide
 - Confident-11b 	- ST:7 - Kirk Saves the Day
 - Confident-11c 	- ST:2 - Battle stations
 - Confident-11d 	- ST:6 - Intro Theme
 - Confident-11e 	- ST:8 - Enterprise approach on Phoenix
 - confident-11f	- Aliens - Going After Newt
 - EpisGen2 		- ST:1 - Klingon Theme
 - EpisGen3 		- ST:1 - Klingon Theme
 - Episode 1 		- ST:2 - Intro Theme
 - Episode 2 		- ST:7 - End Credits
 - Episode 3 		- ST:3 - Spock's Memory Returns
 - Episode 4 		- BC - Episode 7
 - Episode 5 		- ST:6 - Intro Theme
 - Episode 6 		- ST:7 - Kirk Saves the Day
 - Episode 7 		- Aliens - Futile Escape
 - Episode 8 		- Aliens - Going After Newt
 - Nebula-1		- Kahn's Pets
 - Neutral-10a 		- ST:6 -Intro Theme
 - Neutral-10b 		- Aliens - Bishop's Countdown
 - Neutral-10c 		- Aliens - Futile Escape
 - Neutral-10d 		- ST:2 - Khan's Approach
 - Neutral-10e 		- ST:7 - Kirk Saves the Day
 - Neutral-10f 		- ST:8 - Borg Attack
 - Neutral-10g 		- Crimson Tide
 - Panic-9a 		- Aliens - Bishop's Countdown
 - Panic-9b 		- ST:8 - Death of the Borg Queen
 - Panic-9C 		- DS9 - Way of the Warrior
 - Starbase12 		- ST:1 - The Enterprise
 - Transition 13	- ST:8 - Enterprise Warps out
 - Transition 14	- ST:TNG Best of Both Worlds- We have engaged the Borg.

Contact Details - [email protected]

Armada 2 is a trademark of Activision. Bridge Commander is a trademark of Activision. Star Trek is a trademark of Paramount/Viacom. This mod is freely available and no profit is being made from this in anyway.

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