Dave's Hardpoint Mod for 9of9's Defiant

This is an HP upgrade for 9 of 9's Defiant.


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Thanks for downloading my hardpoint upgrade for Nine of Nine's Defiant!

This modification requires Nine of Nine's Defiant, available on www.bcfiles.com

Installation is simple...

1. Unzip the zip file. (Guess this is already done if your reading this...lol
2. Copy and Paste the "Defiant.py" and the Defiant.pyc" into your Bridge Commander\Scripts\Ships\HardPoints\ folder.
3. Confirm the overwrite of old files. (If you dont have to, you probably dont have Nine of Nine's Defiant Installed.
5. Play Bridge Commander and Have fun! :)

Note: Best experienced with Nanobytes "NanoFX" which is available for download on www.bcfiles.com

Increased the turning speed and acceleration of the Defiant. (Just enough to allow you to keep up with those "bug ships"
Increassed the firing and recharge rate of the pulse cannons. (This gives you the experience of the adrenaline pumping into that finger that presses the "G" key (Default key for firing pulse cannons)

No other changes were made.

P.S. Do not make any changes to this mod, and/or release a change without my permision.

All content is copyright to its respected owners.

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