Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.


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Christmas Release by Starforce Productions. Proper review soon.

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Download 'davidsa.rar' (5.31MB)

====Starforce Productions Davids Heavy Cruiser====

Model and textures: P81
Kitbash: Mackie
Texture enhancements: GAFY?

6 Dual turret phasers (saucer)
4 Single turret phasers (ventral engeneering)
2 Single turret phasers (aft)

The ship is smaller and slightly less massive than the Constitution class, but has 4 impulse engines, making it fast and manuverable. Power that is normally reserved for torpedos has been diverted to the phasers, allowing for 300 damage per turret, unlike normal FCA's which only have 300 damage turrets on foreward 2 pairs of the sacuer and aft units. Due to the lack of a large deflector dish, there is a 20% reduction in the foreward shield strength (8000 instead of 10000).

Saucers come in 1024X1024 size. the 512 folder resizes the saucers to 512X512, like the rest of the textures. All textures are also 256X256. Use whatever your system allows for.

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