Davies Refit Survey and scout vessel

This is the Davies refit. One torpedo pod was replaced to gie it an enhanced sensor package which allowed it to furfill roles as scout, surv...


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This is the Davies refit. One torpedo pod was replaced to gie it an enhanced sensor package which allowed it to furfill roles as scout, survey and early warning vessel. It retained enough firepower to be effective against low end attack vessels.

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====Starforce Productions/Outalance Davies Refit ====

Merry Christmas 2007: Starforce Productions is back!

Kitbasher: ModelsPlease
Model parts: P81
ReTextures: GAFY?
Hardpoints/conversion: Starforce2
Weapons: From the p81 connie

All Usage (for public release) outside of SFC requires permission from Outalance shipyards and proper crediting.

4 torpedo tubes
6x standard dual turret phaserbanks

This DD was converted into a scout and survey vessel, swapping a torpedo pod for a sensor package.

Design history footnotes:
The Davies class project was initiated by Starfleet in the late 2270's to counter the increasing number of small, scout-class vessels being deployed by the Klingon Empire at that time. 
There was a perceived threat of Klingon raiding parties operating against Federation colonies and outposts, requiring a force of fast, rapidly deployable starships to respond, without the need to draw major fleet vessels such as the Constitution-class cruisers off the front lines or away from exploration duties.
The Davies project had to fight for existence from the start. 
Many in the Federation Council were not convinced that the Klingons posed the threat that the Davies was designed to counter, believing that a renewed diplomatic effort would yield better results. 
As such, the Davies-project was only given limited resources, and the designers quickly scrapped their more ambitious all-new designs in favour of a compact ship making maximum use of the techniques developed as part of the Constitution refit project. 
The primary hull would be a of the Constitution, with the warp nacelles and associated linear intermix chamber design also being based on existing designs. 
A secondary hull was considered but deleted to reduce fabrication time and cost, with an untried navigational deflector system making use of an enhancement of the defensive shield grid chosen to debut on the Davies. 
To make up for its comparatively small size, two separate four-tube photon torpedo pods were added. 
It was intended that this would give the ship equivalent firepower to a Klingon battle-cruiser.
As the project progressed, pressure continued to mount to cancel the project. 
Diplomatic initiatives made by the Federation in the mid-80’s seemed to be bearing fruit, calling the role of the Davies into question. 
Also, problems with the Excelsior project continued to absorb the bulk of Starfleet’s R&D resources, leaving other projects like the Davies short-changed. 
This continuous budget and schedule pressure combined with technical problems to delay the launch of the first prototype, given the provisional hull number NX-2051, into late 2289.
First space trials within the Sol system were promising. The ship handled well at impulse, and coordination of the tactical systems – something that had been a major headache for the software designers – showed an improvement over existing Starfleet vessels. 
It was only with the first warp-trials in 2290 that the ship’s inherent design flaws surfaced. 
Although originally intended as a rapid response ship, it proved impossible to coax the underpowered engines much above warp 9 (Cochrane scale). 
There were also problems in integrating the new navigational deflection system into the ship’s subspace field, leading to further engine inefficiencies and a 12% reduction in defensive shield output when at warp. 
The ship returned to spacedock and was officially commissioned in 2291. 
She underwent a major re-fit and returned to space for further trials in 2293, at which time she showed only minor improvements in performance over her previous trials.
With the commencement of the Khitomer conference in 2293, the ship’s rational was further undermined, and this, combined with the prototype’s lacklustre performance, led to Starfleet Command cancelling the project in early 2294. 
Construction on a sister ship was halted and the USS Davies was pressed into service with light patrol duties around the Federation core worlds, the only ship of her class to be built.
In 2315 the ship underwent an extensive refit at the ASDB Integration Facility at Starbase 134, involving a major computer upgrade and the replacement of her lower torpedo pod with a science module, containing an extensive suite of planetary and deep-space sensors. 
Upon her re-launch in late 2316, the Davies was transferred to the Antares Sector to act as a short range scout and survey vessel. 
She continued in that role until her retirement in 2332.

======Legal mumbo-jumbo=========
This BC Conversion contains work created by or under copyright jurisdiction of the Outalance mod team. It was sent to Starforce Productions by Outalance for the express purpose of BC covnersion, with the understanding that all permissions were pre-secured for this purpose by Outalance Administration. If you feel the work in this file has been used incorrectly, the Outalance administration expects you to contact the author of the BC Conversion PRIVATELY.  If you feel things cannot be resolved in this matter, Contact outalance administration directly via [email protected] and you will recieve a response within 2 days under most circumstances. Anyone who attempts to use the public forums under the jurisdiction of BCfiles staff as a means to solve the issue, including but not limited to: accusations of theft or willfull abuse of items contained in this archive, Flamming, Miscredits and other readme errors, questioning permissions--- will be subject to post deletion and account suspension. Failure to abide by the above terms on other forums throughout the modding community (outside of BCfiles) will result in the offending posts/threads reported to the administator/staff of that board along with a copy of this readme. Use of inflamitory/intimidative tactics to solve your problem on public forums may also delay resolution of your problem untill which time the offensive postings are removed and an appology to the applicable forum members and staff who just had to put up with your laspe of judgement is posted in it's place.

Additionaly, any conversions, modifications, or other modding of this file for public release in BC, Legacy, or other games must be authorised with permission from outalance shipyards.

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