Declaration Class Pack

A Pre-TOS (2112 - 2154) pack showing the evolution of the Declaration Class ship. 6 models in total - Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Dis...


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A Pre-TOS (2112 - 2154) pack showing the evolution of the Declaration Class ship. 6 models in total - Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavor. The first one has no weapons, the 2nd to 5th have weak phase cannons, the 6th has phase cannons and torpedos.

WARNING: Some ships will crash BC if you try to fire a torpedo, cause the script is missing.

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Declaration Clas Pack

Aurthor: Cube
Design: Activision, Atolm/Azel
Original Model: Atolm/Azel - Modified by Cube
Original Textures: Atolm, Tus - Modified by Cube
Kitbash parts: P81, Dante
Kitbash Textures: LC, Dante
Conversion: Cube
Hardpoint: Cube
Scripts: Cube
WeaponFX: Dragon, Cube
Beta Testing: Cube, Dragon, GDluque, Nebula, Shinzon

XCV-330 Enterprise

The first Declaration Class ship, been the first starship of its size, was named after NASA's Orbital Shuttle OV-101. Using a warp system based heavily on Vulcan technology, it had a maximum warp speed of warp 1.4
The hull was a standard for ships of its age, and was compost of mostly titatium.
The Enterprise was launched in 2112, and was mainly used to transport people to colonies in the Sol System. In 2114, it was given an assignment to Vulcan. However contact with the ship was lost. What happened is still a mystery.

XCV-331 Columbia

The second Declaration Class starship, the Columbia, was almost identical to the Enterprise, apart from a single weak phase cannon donated by the Vulcans. This was the fist Earth ship that the Vulcans allowed to have weapons.
The Columbia ran peaceful missions for 10 years, however the phase cannon proved useless when it was attacked by an unknown ship. Luckily the Columbia managed to excape, but was too damaged for further use. This therefore led to it been comissioned in 2125

XCV-340 Challenger

Launced in 2123, the Challenger had brand new Warp engines of human design. They could reach a maximum of warp 1.6, ans was heavily bases on the Phoenix.
The impulse system was also improved, allowing for greater speed and agility. The degign was also tougher.
However, it still has one pitifully weak phase cannon.

XCV-350 Discovery

Through long negotiations with the Vulcans, after the events that led to the Columbia to be decommisioned, Starfleet was finally given permission to create better defensive permissions. Starfleet quickly developed polarised hull plating and a stronger phase cannon.
In 2138 this new technology was encorporated in the Declaration class Discovery, making the Discovery the first Earth ship that could handle itself in a battle.

XCV-360 Atlantis

Launced shortly after the NX-01 Enterprise in 2150, the Atlantis was equipped with Warp engined, based on technology from the NX program, allowing the Atlantis to reach warp 2.6.
With recent enhancements in polarised hull, impulse, warp core and weapon systems, the Atlantis served as a great patrol vessel.
The Atlantis was destroyed in 2156, during the Romulan Wars.

XCV-261 Endeavour

The final Declaration Class starship, the Endeavour, was launched in 2154. Because of the Xindi threat, the ship was equipped with 9 phase cannons and 2 torpedo tubes.
The technology was identical to that of the Atlantis, minus the extra power required for the extra weapons.
The Endeavour proved itself worthy in the Earth-Romulan wars, even saving the Enterprise when it was ambushed in March 2157 by 2 Romulan Birds of Prey.
In the battle of Okardo, in which the Romulans surprisingly used a ast amount of primitive ships, the Endeavour And Enterprise were disabled by a photonic shockwave, and later both were destroyed by atomic weapons, as polarised hull was useless against them

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected] (Tus)
[email protected] (Atolm)
[email protected] (Cube)

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