Dedication Video (Higher Resolution)



Here is a higher resolution version of the Dedication Video, highly recommended for anyone that wants to see videos of most of the ships that have been released on bcfiles over the past few years. Also to use this file in Windows Media Player or similar simply rename the file from .divx to .avi and it will work (as long as you have the Divx 6+ codex)

Here is a video by Cordanilus dedicated to anyone who has made a ship, station, modification, video or anything for bridge commander. This video shows many of the ships that have been added to the bcfiles site, including the Federation Ships such as the Sovereign, Achilles, Sabre, Courageous and many more. This also includes Romulan, Klingon, Dominion, Breen, Cardassian and other Star Trek Races. This video also shows ships from other space series including Battlestar Galactica which has scenes for both the Cylons and the Colonials, Star Wars with scenes for both the Imperials and Rebels (or New Republic), and even Stargate SG - 1.

All of these ships are shown in formation which makes this a really well made video, highly recommended for anyone to watch. The formation as the ships pass is almost perfect for almost all of the scenes showing the ships, although there are a couple of times where some of the ships are blocked but I guess that can't be helped.


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