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This is an amazing ship from the great Armada moddeler, Deemon. At roughly 800 poly, it looks absolutly stunning ingame. I highly recommend...


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This is an amazing ship from the great Armada moddeler, Deemon. At roughly 800 poly, it looks absolutly stunning ingame. I highly recommend this vessel.

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Deemon class:

Created by "Deemon"
Originaly released for startrek armada, Mellenium Project V1.9 Special edition.


Additional credits:
Harpoints/scripting: Markallen
Testing, coversion to BC: Starforce2, with lots of help from "Agent"

[email protected]


1 super phaser
2 torpeedo tubes (bow) 2 torps each tube, 2 second load. (quantums)
8 Phaser banks.
Tractor beam.

I've seen as many as 3 phaser beams fire at once. (not including the super cannon)


Those of you who played the Mellenium project's armada mod will remember this butt-kicking vessel that can single handedly take out a soverign or a galaxy class.

Well, it still can!

It's fast, very manuvarable, and roughtly 242 meters, or 2 tiumes the length of a defiant and slighly smaller than Voyager.

Bristling with phasers in nearly every direction, and rapid fire quantum torpedo's, you're sure to wipe some your enemies. While it's phasers alone aren't that strong, it more than makes up for that with it's radpi fire quantums. Take note of the pod on top. It's a phaser cannon emitter. The design is slightly different from the galaxy_X variety in that it has a much wider fire arc.

Strategy: A good enemy pilot in a decent ship who can land frequent shots will be your undoing. A galaxy at full power will start draining your shields, and the galaxy is not the most powerfull modded ship in BC by a long shot. Avoid getting locked in a tractor beam.

If using the cloaking device (explained below), be sure to be out of the enemy fire when you engage it. It's a small ship and doesn't have a whole lot of hull strength.


You must have the foudnation and mod packer to use this ship.
1) extract to a temp folder
2) drag and drop the folders (except extra files folder) into your BC folder
3) add your ship with the foundation (varies by version, too many versions to explain)

White ship bug: If the ship appears white, it means your video card does not support 512*512 high res textures. There is a low res texture contained in the extra files folder. It goes in data/models/ships/deemon. Overwrite the existing one of the same name (click yes). Then try it. You should now have a textured ship.

about the extra files folder:
By default, your install will give you a red phaser cannon and no cloaking device.
The extra files folder contains a backup of this file, along with 3 other hardpoint files.

Your options are

red beam without cloak (default)
red beam with cloak
Blue beam and no cloak
Blue beam with cloak.

The beam color is only for the super phaser, not the regular phaser banks, and does not change power level or shield strength or other stats. 

To switch between files:
1) open the BC folder
2) open scripts/ships/hardpoints folders.
3) find and delete and pyc.
4) copy in the new for the combination of features you desire.
The game will create the PYC when you use the ship.

Stay tuned for more ships from the Mellenium project V1.9 special edition!

Known bugs:
Icon isn't the best quality. 

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