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This is the updated version of The pelicans DS9 1.1, I didnt think it could get any better! The readme below describes what changes have been made.



Title		: Deep Space Nine
Filename	: DS9.zip
Version		: 1.1
Date		: 17/12/2002 (UK Date)
Author		: Michael Pellington (aka The Pelican)
Email		: [email protected]
URL		: http://www.pwfe.com (e-fed site)

v1.1 Update

-- Added 6 extra phasers and 6 extra photon torpedo tubes, 3 of each pointing directly Ventral and Dorsal, this was to close a weakness in the stations defences, previously you could avoid the majority of attacks by being above or below (relatively speaking) the station.
-- Reduced the shield strength, but increased the main hull strength, along with some of the other primary systems. This should balance it out much better, namely as you'll be able to take out the weapons systems much easily. It's still hard to actually destroy, but it can be neutralised.
-- Added the capability to control the Station in normal Quickbattle mode. You don't get the multi-target capability though, unfortunately.
-- Added Tractor beams, just three of them, one on each tower, don't think it needs any more.
-- Reduced the strength of the phasers, given them a lower charge, reduced their recharge rate, all part of evening up the battles. Torpedoes remain unchanged.
-- Changed the look of the shields, they should be much more transparent now, so you can still see the station when it's under attack.
-- Modified the TGL file, the important info is near the top, with the background of the station at the bottom.


This mod uses mostly the original cardassian station textures, as well as the model. Included are only a small number of texture files, which make a cardassian station look like DS9. The original cardassian station is not affected. If you attempt to modify the station in the model properties editor, then you will find that it will display the original cardassian station, ignore this.


This is my version of Deep Space Nine, I've managed to get the look about 90% accurate, in my opinion anyway. I've tried to keep it as canon as possible, I was originally going to include every single phaser and torpedo tube, but that got just a bit too much.


The station officially has 66 Phaser Arrays and 66 Pulse Fire Photon Torpedo Tubes. Obviously, this is just a bit too much for the game. So I have compressed it down to 42 Phaser Arrays, and 27 Photon Torpedo Tubes. To compensate for the loss in numbers, I have increased the damage of the phasers by 25%(from 400 to 500), and I've given them a faster recharge rate. Also the Photon Tubes have been given their true settings. (Fire 4, wait 3 seconds to reload, then fire 4 more). 


Version 1.0 was a little unbalanced, so I reduced the strength of the station a little. It can still withstand a serious battering mind. Bear in mind that space stations are rarely ever destroyed, they are usually captured long before it gets to that. If you do want to destroy this station, you'll need to blow up the power plant, it's the only feasible way to pull it off.

In a test battle against 5 Sovereigns (balanced hardpoint stats, with more powerful Quantums{1500 damage)), the station took out 4 of the Sovereign's, but the Power Plant was eventually destroyed by the 5th one. The station lost 30 Phaser arrays and 12 torpedo tubes in the attack.

Installation Instructions


1: Unzip the file to your desktop

2: Open the zip file and select the four folders (BC-Mod Packager, data, scripts, sfx)

3: Copy and Paste them into the main Bridge Commander Directory. (Normally C:\Activision\Bridge Commander)

4: Use the BC-Mod Packager Program to install the TGL files. (If you do not keep the program in your STBC directory, then you need to move the files to the appropriate directory first)

5: ALL DONE!!!

Note: You do not need to use the BC-Mod Packager program to install the ships, It should already do it for you, if it fails, then use the program to install the ships.

Use of this Mod

If you wish to use the files included in this mod to create your own mods, then you are free to do so. You are also free to publically release the files on the condition that you include a credit towards the original creator, me. You do not have to ask permission to release a personal modification of this mod.

Errors & Problems

If you have any problems using this mod, then contact me at the e-mail address listed above. If the problem is slowdown with your graphics, then you need to tone down your graphics settings.


This mod was scanned for viruses and fully tested on Bridge Commander v1.1 before it was released. I take no responsibility for any damage this mod may cause to your system before, during, or after it has been installed.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

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