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It's finally here at long last!!! :rock:

One of the most anticipated mods of the year, and one of BC's biggest mods ever - presenting D...


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It's finally here at long last!!! :rock:

One of the most anticipated mods of the year, and one of BC's biggest mods ever - presenting DS9FX v3.0: In Service of the Prophets.

Most mods that have been in production for eighteen months, contain thirty thousand lines of code, programmed by the best there is in BC, and been beta tested for six months by fifty-odd people are given a very simple name by the community: fantasies.

Which is exactly what Deep Space Nine FX is: a fantasy come to life. Conceived and led by USS Sovereign, reviewed and supported by the modders of BCS:TNG, DS9FX is the ultimate tribute to Niner culture ("They're not linear... they're everywhere!").

This mod will allow you to:-Fly through the Wormhole! -Dock at Deep Space Nine! -Play a new set of missions! -Get detected by Dominion antiproton scans! -Re-enact the DS9 Credits with a functioning comet! -Alter just about every setting in the mod! -Bring the ruckus to the Dominion with an all-new lineup of remodelled and retextured ships! -Read a thirty-page manual! -And so much more!

And, yes - this mod *will* work on a KM install, and was tested on a KM install. A seperate version, containing KM ships will be released at a later date. This version cannot be used in MP but the next one will have limited MP support (the KM edition) but it is KM compatible and KM: Pimped compatible.


This is what the DS9FX team recommends.

Minimum Requirements: - 1.8 GHz Processor - 256 MB RAM - 128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 5200 or ATI Radeon equivalent)

Recommended Requirements: - 2.8 GHz Processor or higher - 512 MB RAM or higher - 128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon equivalent) or higher

NOTE: If your computer is below the minimum requirements refer the ‘Customization Options’ and ‘Getting the most out of DS9FX in BC’ sections in the MANUAL to see how you can improve and customize DS9FX to play it. People who tested the mod sometimes used weaker graphic cards then the ones listed.

*** Mod Requirements ***

DS9FX’s requirements are as follows:

** Required **

*Foundation - Supplied by BCMI and BCMP programs. - BCMI:;10490 - BCMP:;4171

** Optional ** These mods are not required for DS9FX to work, but they are recommended for the best possible experience:

*Unified Main Menu - If you don’t have it installed then you won’t be able to use those nice in game customization features; also, everyone uses UMM these days. - UMM:;56343 - UMM Config Panel Fix: this mod is located at BCC - in the 'BC Downloads' Forum, in a stickied thread titled "List Of Mods" - look for #33 in the first post:

*NanoFX 2.0 Beta - To be able to use Atmospheres and Ship blinkers for ships which require blinkers. Note: DS9FX has a safety feature for atmospheres if it doesn’t detect that NanoFX is installed, so you won’t have any problems.;23469

*MLeo’s Submenu Mod v3.7 - for ship submenus.;68668

**** PLEASE be sure to READ THE MANUAL! It is your friend! If you should run into any issues or errors with this mod, your answer may be in there :) If not, please post them at BCS, in the DS9FX Forum, and please have a console report ready.

Really, you've got no excuse for not having skipped to the bottom of this page and downloaded this mod by this point. Move it!

Oh, by the way... 10/10. Just for the record.

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Download '' (306.96MB)

		    by BCS : TNG


- First wormhole mod for BC

- Fully working wormhole 

- Playable missions

- BC Stabilitation code

- And much, much more


This mod is the first wormhole mod made for BC. It took us more than a year to complete it.
DS9FX offers a fully working wormhole in BC, playable missions and much more. We can't even name all of the
features of DS9FX. 

Please enjoy!


This mod comes with an installer so just run it and follow the onscreen instructions!


Listed in the manual


None that we know of

Tested in Bridge Commander v1.1 with lots of other mods

Tested in KM 1.0


Listed in the manual and in your install directory you will find all of the original readmes and documents.


This mod is not made or supported by Activision. 

Star Trek, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager and related properties are Registered Trademarks of Paramount Pictures registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

We do not take any responsibility for any kind of damage this does to your computer. Use it at your own risk.

Any kind of modification to DS9FX needs to be approved by me: including model, sound replacements etc. You name it.  There are those within the community who have gotten totally mod-whacked by us and our aforementioned team of 133t h4xx0rz for stealing code.  You don't want to join them.  We expect that if you borrow the code from DS9FX you will give credit to us.


Go to for support, questions, comments, etc. The home of BCS:TNG!

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