Defiant Bridge v4.0 (pack)

Here is the latest update to the Defiant bridge set. this pack includes The original set from the DS9 episode "The Search", the Ho...


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Here is the latest update to the Defiant bridge set. this pack includes The original set from the DS9 s3 episode 2 "The Search", the Holo-Bridge from the DS9 s5 episode 13 "For the Uniform" and the Sao Paulo variant from the DS9 s7 episode 24 "The Dogs of War". Also each set has a custom red alert, the lighting will dim on the sets accordingly. This was the final touch missing from the previous sets. So, if you want to reinvent those land mark Defiant episodes, this pack will fit the bill nicely!

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Download 'defiant bridge pack' (27.37MB)

Title : Defiant Bridge Pack(v4)
Filename :
Version : 4.0
Date : 1/29/2011
Author : Sean/Lurok91


New and improved version of USS Defiant bridge by ex-BC modder Sean (now working on Excalibur). Started in 2009, the bridge has more canon proportions, furniture and textures than current KM version (v3) and includes new animations by Lurok91 and canon station lcars by Robert aka Explorer of   

This bridge pack also includes all the canon Defiant bridge variants as separate installs (after v4 installed):  the first Defiant bridge (as seen in DS9 two-parter The Search) and the later seasons Holo and Sao Paulo variants. 


Original bridge design:  Paramount Studio
Original Defiant Bridge v4 meshes and textures:  Sean
Mesh and texture tweaks, new scripting and animations:  Lurok91
Addtl bridge crew scripting:  JimmyB76
Defiant canon lcars from original work by: Robert aka Explorer/Adge Cutler/Sean/Lurok91

Special thanks to all at the BCC community for their encouragement and support (especially JimmyB, Baz, Nero, Bones, tiqhud and Barihawk).   And a special final thanks to all the beta testers :)

Technical Details
Tested with BC version 1.1 with Kobayashi Maru 1.0.  Also tested on non-KM installs.  

Known Bugs
LoadingScreen may not load properly (known viewscreen bug)
Please report any bugs and feedback to Lurok91 via BCC. 

Install instructions

1 Drag and copy the  folders from the ZIP into your main BC directory
2 Overwrite any relevant files 

NOTE: This will overwrite the existing KM Defiant bridge (v3).  Defiant Bridge v4 must be installed first before other variant bridges. 

Copyright notices: 
Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 
Please do not modify this file or the included textures without seeking the authors permission.

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