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Here is the "Preview" to the upcoming Defiant Class Mod Pack v2, the prototype "NX Defiant". This is a self-extracting .exe file. So all the guess work is done for you. You will need the "Elminster Common Weapons Pack v.3.0" to make this mod work. This is a long over-due update of the Blackrook32/ Elminster's Defiant. The hardpoints have been realigned to fit the model, so that the pulse phasers fire from there canon point of origin. The Defiant is not a "god ship" by any means. But she does have "Teeth". Though her weapons are comperable to Dominion Wars stats, She will give you maximum performance. High Manuverability, Ablative Armour, Immunity to the Breen energy drain weapon, excellent phaser arc coverage! All and more with a cloaking device. She will run "circles" around the Galaxy Class at normal impulse speeds.

The Defiant can hold her own with any of the Alpha Quadrant races. The "new" model/ mesh/ texture reworked by Mark brings the 9 of 9 Defiant to a totally different level. So, if you have enjoyed the old Blackrook/ Elminster version. Or you want a Defiant Class with some "Definition and Performance"?

Check this Out!

Since I was involved with this project, I'll let you rate it. . .


* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3.0 (.exe) http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/Elminsters_Common_Weapons_Pack;57735

* NanoFX2b http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/NanoFX;23469

* MLeo's Sub Menu v.3.0 http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/SubMenu_Mod;27960



Defiant Class U.S.S. Defiant v.2
(Self Extracting .exe)

12/ 24/ 2005

Modding Tool: Paint Shop Pro v.7/ MPE

Modding Time: 2 Years (01/ 05/ 2003)


* NanoFX2b (For Running Lights)

* Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3

* MLeo's Sub Menu Mod v.3

Model Discription:

This is a "Total" rework of the 9 of 9 Defiant.

This Model will not overwrite any other models. This is the first in a fleet of Defiants to be released, customized to counter the Borg threat. As mentioned by Comander Shelby, Starfleet Reasearch and Development would be making many new innovative ships and weapons. In the TNG 4th season episode "The Best Of Both Worlds pt.II". The Defiant Class will display what was developed "In Theory". Since the Borg would not be able to "Adapt" as quickly to different Defiant weapon configurations.

This Mod will not replce the previous Defiant Class USS Defiant v.1. This mod is compatable with Apollo's Advanced Technologies pack (ATP 2 & 3). Using the latest version of Sub Menu v.3 by MLeo. And any QB/ QBR/ QBA and KM mods. Keep in mind, the ship is balanced for ingame play, and may not follow canon dictates.

Our Main Objective here is "ingame" playability. . . 

Defiant Class (Weapon Specifications)


U.S.S. DEFIANT * NX-74205

* 4x Pulse Phasers
* Dual Forward and Single Aft Quantum Torpedo Launchers
* Enhanced Shield System
* Lateral Phasers
* Dorsal Phaser Turret
* High Manuverability
* Reinforced Primary Systems
* Immune to the Breen Energy Drain Weapon (ATP v.2 or 3 required)
* Ablative Armour
* Cloaking Device

* Note: The First Starship designed to counter the Borg threat, The NX Defiant was "mothballed" when the
Borg threat became less urgent. The Defiant Class proved invaluable during the Dominion Wars. Though
classified as an "Escort". the Defiant Class is a "Warship" pure and simple.



* Original Defiant Model/ Mesh: 9 of 9

* Reworked Mesh/ Textures and Ship Icon: Mark

* Hardpoints/ NanoFX2b (Running Lights)/ Common Weapons Pack v.3 /Sub Menu: Elminster - Who never says "No" to a cool HP ideal ;-)

* DCMP v2 .exe Display Page: c2x/ Blackrook32 * Big Thanks to c2x for that one! *

* Modified Micro-Quantums/ PPhasers.wave/ BlackElm_SoundPack: c2x

* Maquis Raider Pulse Phasers: Zorg/ Morpheus

* Ship Registries/ Conversion Scripting/ Sub menu edited.py/ .exe Mod Pack Assembly: Blackrook32

Copyrights and Permissions:


Star Trek, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager,
Star Trek: Enterprise and all related sounds and images from vrious productions are the sole copyright of Paramount
Pictures. No infringement is intended. This is a "Freeware" mod and is NOT to be Sold or Distributed for Sale in ANY

Please "Ask" for permission if you plan to host this Mod other than it's place of Donload origin. The Author(s) reserve the
Right of "Final Approval" of any Public Releases of this Mod. The Author(s) are not responsible for any damage occured 
while or during the installation of this mod, or for any loss of data on your PC. * *  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK * *

If you gain permission from the Author(s) to use this Mod? Please include a copy of this readme in your Modification.
However, You are not to use the "Entire" Mod Pack as a whole or any graphics with in the installer. Last- but not least,
Please Credit the works above in your readme. Give Credit where credit is due. . .  It's only Polite.

Black.Elm Mod Projects:

Defiant Class Mod Pack v.2 (.exe)

Dominion Wars System Pack v.1 (.exe)

Dominion Wars Ship Pack (.exe)

Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.2 (.exe)

New Orleans Class Mod Pack v.2 (exe)

Prometheus Class Mod Pack (.exe)

Excalibur Class Mod Pack (.exe)


* * Beta Testers: MadJohn, Lost_Jedi, Mark, MayhenUK and c2x ( Thanks for your tips and contributions to this project :-)

* * Special Thanks to Mark for letting us use his new "Kick Ass" optimized textures to show off the 9 of 9 Defiant
in the best possible light!! Also to Zorg, MLeo and 9 of 9 for such a cool model!

Just Install, Crank the Game up and Rock On!!
Blackrook32/ Elminster

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