Defiant Class USS Avenger

Here is the 9 of 9 retextured Defiant Class USS Avenger. For those of you who have fond memories of Worf's command ship from the Star Trek:...


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Here is the 9 of 9 retextured Defiant Class USS Avenger. For those of you who have fond memories of Worf's command ship from the Star Trek: Armada game. The Avenger will be reminiscent but not a exact copy of the ship's abilities.

This ship weapons have been modified to carry "Cloaked Mines". A very useful tool in battle. With her Dorsal and Ventral Phaser Turrets she has impressive firing arcs and she can turn on a dime at high impulse. Her strafing runs are effective and quite deadly. Also the Ablative Armor has been upgraded.. While the Ablative Armor is on line, your sub systems will not be damaged. But when the Armor is destroyed- watch out, it will not be pretty. This mod is compatible with the Advance Technologies Pack by Apollo. Or as Chancellor G'owron would say: "This Old G'reshna Cat has Teeth!!"

Definitely Download Worthy!!


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Download '' (3.25MB)

Defiant Class: USS Avenger v1.0

Mod Conversion Time: 6 Hours
Tool Used: Paint Shop Pro 7


This is a retexture of 9 of 9's Defiant, the USS Avenger as seen in the Star Trek: Armada Game. This is Worf's command ship. The Avenger was made to be reminiscent, but not to mirror the ST: Armada game qualities of the ship. The Avenger and her sister ship the Defiant, are the first to utilise the improved Ablative Armor. The Avenger is equipped with some unique weapons modifications.

Installation Instructions:

(This mod will not replace your 9 of 9 Defiant )

C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\
I would suggest a "manual" installation of the files. Just cut and paste.

Weapons Specs:

1 Cloaked Mines System Installed
4 dual forward quantum torpedo launchers
4 forward high powered pulse phasers
1 Starboard and 1 Port Phaser Arrays
1 Dorsal Phaser Turret
1 Ventral Phaser Turret
2 Dual Aft quantum torpedo launchers
Toughened Hull
Uprated Shields
Advanced Technologies Pack Compatible (ATP Mod made by Apollo aka Alexis Rombaut)
Multi-Vector Shielding (ATP required)
Ablative Armor (Requires ATP to operate, but will work with out.)

*Note: ATP is not required for this mod, but is essential for certain systems to function and for others to work more effectively.


Defiant Model: 9 of 9

Avenger Registry: Knox1711

Cloaked Mine Mod: MLeo

Weapons Hardpoints: Elminster

Model Conversion /Retexture: BlackRook32

Mod Projects

TNG 1st - 2nd Season Total Conversion Uniform Mod
TNG 3rd- 7th Season Total Conversion Uniform Mod
Defiant Class Mod Pack

*Special Thanks to 9 of 9, for taking a interest in the project. Knox1711, MLeo for his excellent "Cloaked Mines Mod", Elminster, and MinioN for beta testing.

Just install, start up the game and Rock on!

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