Defiant Class USS Paccia

This is the USS Paccia, a Defiant class ship.

She has an unusual weapons compliment, featuring rapid fire micro-quantum's and Spatial Cha...


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This is the USS Paccia, a Defiant class ship.

She has an unusual weapons compliment, featuring rapid fire micro-quantum's and Spatial Charges, and appears to have been fit with Phaser cannons in place of her pulse phasers.

This ship is a different animal, but still packs a punch.

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Defiant Class: USS Paccia  v1.0


This is a retexture of 9 of 9's Defiant, the USS Paccia was an experimental ship developed at the same time as the Defiant, and then drafted into service for the Dominion War.
Equipped with Phaser Cannons in place of Pulse phasers, the ship features 5 experimental, pulsed Micro Quantum launchers, and a mortar system capable of launching Spatial Charges.
Slower and less maneuverable than the Defiant, the Paccia is equipped with Ablative armour and heavy shielding.

Installation Instructions:

 (This mod will not replace your 9 of 9 Defiant )

C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\
I would suggest a "manual" installation of the files. Just cut and paste.

Weapons Specs:

1 Spatial Charges System Installed
4 Multi-fire forward micro-quantum torpedo launchers (used as disruptor system)
4 forward high powered phaser cannons.
1 Starboard and 1 Port Phaser Arrays
1 Dorsal Phaser Turret
1 Ventral Phaser Turret
1 Multi-fire Aft micro-quantum torpedo launcher (used as disruptor system)
Toughened Hull
Uprated Shields
Advanced Technologies Pack Compatible (ATP Mod made by Apollo aka Alexis Rombaut)
Ablative Armor (Requires ATP to operate, but will work without.)

*Note: ATP is not required for this mod, but is essential for Ablative Armour to work more effectively.

Note: you will need to use the disruptor key to fire the micro torps.


Defiant Model: 9 of 9

Paccia Registry: Knox1711

Spatial Charges and Plasma Rupture Mod: Sneaker98

Modified Micro-Quantums: Cpt2eXtreme

Weapons Hardpoints: Elminster

Model Conversion /Retexture: BlackRook32

Mod Projects

Defiant Class Mod Pack
Various HP projects.

*Special Thanks to 9 of 9, for taking a interest in the project.  Knox1711,Sneaker98 for the Spatial Charges (and for compatibility the Plasma Rupture mod), BlackRook32, MayhemUK and MinioN for beta testing, and anyone else I've missed.

Just install, start up the game and Rock on!

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