Defiant Class USS Thunderer

Here it is folks, the Defiant Class USS Thunderer. This is a "re-posting" of the Original File that was corrupt.

The Thunderer has a "un...


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Here it is folks, the Defiant Class USS Thunderer. This is a "re-posting" of the Original File that was corrupt.

The Thunderer has a "unique" weapons arsenal. She is armed with Angosian Phasers/ Pulse Phasers, and an experimental "Type 10" torpedo arsenal. The Type 10 torpedo is design to disrupt shield harmonics. The Thunderer is a tough little ship, Fast on the strafing runs and able to turn on a dime at high Impulse. The Thunderer delivers "Time on Target" accuracy every time!!

Tested against (2) Romulan Warbirds, in a (7) minute battle, the Thunderer came away with marginal damage and sustaining only 20% damage too her Ablative Armor. The Thunderer is design to counter the "Borg Threat". But the Thunderer does have a "unique" sound. When she enters the battle arena, your enemy ships will definitely know it!

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Download '' (4.89MB)

Defiant Class: USS Thunderer  v1.0

Mod Conversion Time: 2 Months
Tool Used: Paint Shop Pro 7


This is a stand alone retexture of 9 of 9's Defiant, the USS Thunderer. The Thunderer has some unique weapons in her arsenal. To combat the Borg Threat, it would seem reasonable that Starfleet would use weapons from Federation Member Worlds. The Thunderer is armed with Angosian Phasers/ Pulse Phasers and Type 10 torpedoes. The Thunderer and her sister ship the Defiant,  are the first to utilise the improved Ablative Armor. And the Thunderer is compatible with Apollo's Advanced Technologies v.3.0  The Thunderer has a "unique" sound. When she comes into the Battle Arena, You enemies will definitely know it !

Installation Instructions:

 (This mod will not replace your 9 of 9 Defiant )

C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander\
I would suggest a "manual" installation of the files. Just cut and paste.

Weapons Specs:

2 Fore Phaser Cannons
2 Dual forward Type 10 torpedo launchers
2 Forward high powered Pulse Phasers
1 Starboard / 1 Port Phaser Arrays
1 Dorsal Phaser Turret
1 Ventral Phaser Turret
2 Dual Aft Torpedo launchers
Cloaking Device
Toughened Hull
Uprated Shields/ Speed
Advanced Technologies Pack Compatible (ATP v.3.0 Mod made by Apollo aka Alexis Rombaut)
Ablative Armor (Requires ATP to operate, but will work wit out.)

*Note: ATP is not required for this Mod, but is essential for certain systems to function and for others to work more effectively.


Defiant Model: 9 of 9

Thunderer Registry: Knox1711

Type 10 Torpedo Mod: Elminster/ BlackRook32/ c2x

Type 10 SFX: c2x

Weapons Hardpoints: Elminster

Model Conversion /Retexture: BlackRook32

Mod Projects

Defiant Class Mod Pack
Nebula Class Mod Pack
Excelsior Class Mod Pack
Galaxy Class Mod Pack
Male XO TC Mod


Legal Stuff:

**THIS MOD IS NOT SUPPORTED BY TOTALLY GAMES OR ACTIVISION** Star Trek: TNG/ DS9/ VOY related images and sounds are the copyright of Viacom/Paramount Pictures. The SFX  for the" Type 10 Torpedo" is a Audio soundclip from Star Wars Chapter: II Clone Wars.  The related
 audioclip is the copyright of LucasArts Productions/Lucasfilms Ltd & TM. These mediums are "NOT" to be sold or copied for sale or distribution.

Please obtain the permission of the Author(s)of this mod for Modification.


*Special Thanks to 9 of 9, for taking a interest in the project.  Knox1711, C2X  for his input and guidance, and MinioN for beta testing.

Just install, start up the game and Rock on!

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