Defiant Class USS Valiant

Here is the Defiant's Sistership the Valiant. Straight from the DS9's 6th season episode "The Valiant". This 9 of 9 retexture was kept to ca...


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Here is the Defiant's Sistership the Valiant. Straight from the DS9's 6th season episode "The Valiant". This 9 of 9 retexture was kept to canon, so if it wasn't on the episode, this ship doesn't have it. The Valiant will not replace your 9 of 9 mod. But that means "no" cloaking device. This ship is notable in her unusual weapons configuration. Having no lateral phaser, she relies on her Pulse Phasers and Dual forward and aft torpedo launchers. This looks cool with her Pulse Phasers aligned correctly to the Pulse Emitters..

Now, She is a little slow on the strafing runs. I had to boost power to the engines 125%. But that how the Valiant was in DS9. But what do you expect from a crew of "Red Squadron" cadets? You can kick serious butt with this ship, if you have the skills to handle her.

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Defiant Class: USS Valiant v.1.0


Mod Conversion: 6 Hours
Tool Used: Paint Shop Pro 7


This is a retexture of  9 of 9's Defiant, the USS Valiant as seen on the DS9's 6th season episode "The Valiant". Our goal was to keep the ship as close to canon as possible without interfering with in game play. Keeping that in mind. The Valiant was on a mission to circumvent and patrol the borders of known Federation Space. Which at the time was 8,000 light years in diameter. Crewed by mostly "Red Squad" Cadets, the best of Starfleet Academy. But "Cadets" neither the less. She was destroyed while engaging a Dominion Super Battlecruiser.

With the Valiant, your "Crew of  Red Squad Cadets" are not as adept  in handling a ship of the caliber, unlike veteran Starfleet Officers. This will show in the Valiant's performance. it is up to "You" as Captain to compensate for your Bridge Crew's lack of experience.

Installation Instructions:

(This mod will not replace your 9 of 9 Defiant)

C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander
I would suggest an "manual " installation of the files. Just cut and paste.

Weapons Specs:

Ablative Armor (Not as tough as the Defiant)
No Lateral Phaser Emitters
No Cloaking Device
Slightly reduced speed on strafing runs.
Only fires "One" Aft Torpedo at a time.
Dual Forward Torpedo Launching.
Increased firing rate of the Pulse Phasers.
Reduced damage to the Pulse Phasers.
Pulse Phasers aligned with the Pulse Emitters
Increased Repair time.
Reduced Hull Strength.


Defiant Model: 9 of 9

Valiant registry: Knox1711

Weapon Hardpoints: Elminster

Model Conversion / Retexture: BlackRook32

Mod Projects:

TNG 1st - 2nd season Total Conversion Uniform Mod
TNG 3rd - 7th season Total Conversion Uniform mod
Defiant Class Mod pack

* Special Thanks to 9 of 9 for taking a interest in this project. Knox1711, Elminster, and MinioN for beta testing. I hope you enjoy this preview of the Defiant Mod Pack.

Just start up the game and Rock On!

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