Defiant Pulse Cannon Fix



This well fix the Defiant Pulse Cannon by allowing you to here the sound.

It also has some changes to the shooting speeds.

Also has some Damage Changes.

Read the Read Me for better details.



Defiant Pulse cannon.

By Mayhemuk.

Two versions of the pulse cannon’s I use, to go with the Mayhemuk defiant hardpoint,

Defiant pulse 1:	Launch speed 100, Damage setting 250 (this is the version I use).
Defiant pulse 2:	Launch speed 100, Damage setting 150 (I thought people would prefer this damage setting).

Now I hope these are more to peoples liking, after the release of my
Hardpoint I realized that people might want to use the pulse cannons I use.
I have made them smaller than what is already out there, and I like to think that they
are more cannon looking.

I am releasing both 2 versions for every on to try out, the first is the version I use in
game, and the second is for anyone who thinks that 250 damage is to much.
I was going to only release the version 2, but I thought what the hell might as well
send both.

First of all make a backup copy of the Defiant pulse. (its in scripts/tactical/projectiles)

Just open the folder you want to use, and copy the tactical folder into scripts, and that
is it

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