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The Detroyat Class is armed with FTech, but configured to the TOS era, using reflector shields. This is the counter to the Romulan plasma disruptor. The ship can use this ability in a offensive/defense manures, but it will drain your power reserves in a prolonged fight. This class of ship is best used in fleet engagements. This mod comes with two torpedo options. Special thanks to GMunoz for making this rare gem for me.



Detroyat Class Mod Pack v.1.0

* Original Mod: 10/16/2013, 07/02/2020, 07/05/2020. 07/09/2020
* Modding Tool: Paint Shop Pro 7


* Latest Foundation | Bridge Commander Universal Tool (1.8.1) * Highly Recommended 

    Bridge Commander
    BC 1.1 Patch 		
- http://www.bc-central.net/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=4

* Sub Menu Mod 	
- http://www.bc-central.net/forums/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=14

((FTech: This is a Mandatory requirement. If you want to use the Reflector Shields & Ablative Armour.)) If you elect not too install FTech, it will not affect your Quickbattle game play in general. You will NOT be able to use the intergrated tech.

Mod Description:

Origin Notes: The Detroyat Class is a concept design created by Micheal Morissette for his 1981 bluepints the ship regiesties are his creation.

Modding Notes: 
GMunoz made this ship for me as a thank you gift back in 2013. So I got permissiion for release. This mad pack is calibrated for Galaxy Charts's 
RDF feature (I hate seeing mirrior ships appering out of the blue)

the Detroyat Class is armed with FTech, but configued to the TOS era, using reflector shields. This is the counter to the Romulan plasma disruptor. 
The ship can use this ability in a offensive/defense manuevures, but it will drain your power resurves in a prolonged fight. This class of ship is best
 used in fleet ingagements

Detroyat Class Torpedo/Phaser Specifications:

2 Torpedo Choices (Balanced for the TOS era)
* (FTech) Compatability for Auto Targeting & Reflective Shields *

Canon Hardpoints and Subsystems
Dorsal Phaser Banks (4)
Aft Ventral Phaser Strips (4)
Forward Torpedo Launchers (2)
Aft Torpedo Launchers (2)
Tractor Beams (1) Fore (1) Aft
Improved Firing Arcs

* Running Lights compatible with NanoFX v.2.0 (Beta)
* (FTech) Compatability for Auto Targeting & Reflective Shields *

* Detroyat Class Fleet

U.S.S. Detroyat * NCC-1100
U.S.S. Resolution * NCC-1101
U.S.S. Miramar * NCC-1102
U.S.S. Trogent * NCC-1103
U.S.S. Breckenridge * NCC-1104
U.S.S. Niantic * NCC-1105
U.S.S. Warangle * NCC-1106
U.S.S. Commanger * NCC-1107
U.S.S. Straithclaire * NCC-1108
U.S.S. Donar * NCC-1109

**  Torpedo Compliment  **

  75- AresPhoton
  75- TOS_FedPhoton


This Modification has been tested with BC Patch v.1.1, DS9FX Xtended, Galaxy Charts v.2,
NanoFX2b, GravityFX, Bridge Core Plugin (Gold), EF2 Bridge Crew v.1.0. BCS-TNG: The
Beginning, QBAutostart v.9.1 & WalkFX.

FTech Enhancements:

* Reflector Shielding (aka Corbonite Shields): Reflector Shielding will send torpedoes back where
 they came and pulse weapons flying. But reflecting puts a mild strain on your shields. Which is 10%
 of the damage done by the torpedo or pulse weapon.

* Auto Targeting: This gives any ship a decisive advantage in Quickbattle. 100% Accquracy.

Modding Credits:

Original Detroyat_TOS Model, texture and hardpointss: GMunoz ** HUGE THANKS for an Amazing gift!!**

TOSphotorp: Starforce Productions

Ship Registries/Textures/Hardpoints/Ares Torpedo/Conversion Pack Scripting/Packaging: Blackrook32

Copyrights and Permissions:


Star Trek, Star Trek: Bridge Commander, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise and all related sounds and images from the various productions are the sole copyright of Paramount Pictures. No infringement is intended. This is a "Freeware" Mod and it's content NOT to be sold or distributed for sale in ANY shape, form or manner. I'm NOT making a profit off of this, NEITHER SHOULD YOU!!

Please "Ask" for permission if you plan to host this Mod other than it's place of Download origin. The Author(s) reserve the Right of "Final Approval" of any Public Release of this Mod. The Author(s) are not responsible for any damage occured while or during the installation of this mod. Or for the loss of any data on your PC.

Give Credit where credit is due. . . It's only Polite.

* * Mod Projects W.I.P.* * (BlackElm Productions)

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* Nebula Class Mod Pack v.1.1 (Generational Tech)

* Akula Class Mod Pack v.1.5 (FTech Enhanced)

* Bridge Commander: Generations v.1.0 (Bridge Crew/System Maps)


Thanks to the BC Community for your support with past projects....

Just install in the game, start it up and Rock On!!


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