Dignity Class - U.S.S. Jean Luc Picard

A Federation ship from the future based on Daniel's "Enterprise-J" seen on Enterprise series 3rd season. This ship is strong but can be...


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A Federation ship from the future based on Daniel's "Enterprise-J" seen on Enterprise series 3rd season. This ship is strong but can be taken out with a small (6 to 10 ships) 23rd century fleet. Equiped with phasers, pulse phasers and the "Shockwave" torpedo that will send your enemies spinning around for a while. Great to get them off your back.

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Dignity Class; USS Jean Luc Picard

Ship Design by:  Atolm/Azel  .

Model/mesh credits: Atolm/Azel ([email protected] )
Texture credits: Tus - Robert Dufrane ([email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] ) 

BC convertion / Hardpoint / Speculars: Zambie Zan ([email protected])


Future Federation ship Dignity Class

8 Type-XIII Phaser Arrays (4fps/4aps)
4 Torpedo Launchers (2f/2a) – Shockwave torpedo
4 Pulse Phaser Cannons (1f/1a/1p/1s)
4 Shuttles

This ship uses the Shockwave Torpedo, a powerful weapon that produces subspace distortions around the targeted ship, causing it to spin out of control for a while. Very useful if you don’t want the enemy ships pointing their guns at you.

The Shockwave Torpedo is a variation of edtheborg’s script for the Repulsion Torpedo included in the FTA v2.0


- Some scripts of the FTA v2.0 (Future Tech Add) for the Shockwave torpedo to work (included)
- QBAutostart and Tech Framework to launch shuttles - http://defiant.homedns.org/~erik/STBC/

Installation order:

- FTA v2.0 (if you don’t have it already)
- Ship

Credit Request: If you wish to change or alter the model please contact Atolm.  Textures may be altered at users discresion but please contact atolm for final approval before release.

Tested in Bridge Commander v1.1


Star Trek, Star Fleet Command, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager
(and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures, as are the
characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

LEGAL STUFF: This file is not supported or affiliated with Interplay Productions. While most who have used these files have had no problems, we will not be held accountable for any damage done to your computer by use of these files or techniques. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! This file is freeware. It is not to be sold.

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