DJ Alberta Class USS Edmonton



although it does have its own weakness however mainly because it doesn't have any phaser coverage on its aft section which can be a big disadvantage if you are fighting more manuverable ships or fast attack ships. However that being said it still is a fairly powerful ship for its time and does very well for a heavy cruiser type ship.The ship itself is sort of like a mixture between an ambassador, an excelsior class, and a little bit of the galaxy but other than that it does look brilliant in game and is very much suited for exploration missions and very much capable of defending itself (although not as much from attacks from behind)

The USS Edmonton was the only ship of her class. A product of mid 24th century frugality, the ship was constructed of recycled Incom class vessels, and once completed it bore a striking resemblance to the Excelsior class, despite being an entirely different ship.Being constructed at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the ship was the benefactor of extra type X phaser arrays and high capacity shield generators. A labour of love for a dedicated crew of engineers and designers, the Edmonton received more attention than many other single ship classes had in the past. It was named after the hometown of the lead designer.

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