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Whats better than the Galaxy Class done by DJ?, 8 of them!. This is a Definite download and an absolute must have for any BC fan! 10/10...


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Whats better than the Galaxy Class done by DJ?, 8 of them!. This is a Definite download and an absolute must have for any BC fan! 10/10

From the Author "Eight Galaxy Class starships. 2048x2048 textures. Saucer separation. Individualized HP's. Special edition Season 1 Enterprise D 25th century conjectural refit: USS Pegasus

Special thanks to Cordanilus for the killer preview video."

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Title		: DJ Galaxy Class Pack
Filename	: DJ Galaxy Class
Version		: 1.0
Date		: 1/04/09
Author		: DJ Curtis
Contact		: PM at Bridge Commander Central
Requirements	: KM1.0 Recommended

This mod pack includes 8 vessels.

USS Galaxy
USS Yamato
USS Enterprise
USS Enterprise Season 1 Special Edition
USS Odyssey
USS Venture
USS Challenger
USS Pegasus

Galaxy, Yamato, Enterprise and Odyssey have very similar HP's.  Enterprise S1SE has had physical modifications to the mesh to make it 
appear more like the 6ft model seen in season 1, as well as some texture alterations and a slightly changed HP.  Venture has additional
phaser mounts on the nacelles as well as a small contigent of quantum torpedoes.  Challenger has many quantum torpedoes as well as
greater speed and maneuvering capabilites thanks to its additional active impulse engines.  Pegasus is a hypothetical refit of the Galaxy
Class circa 2400.  It is considerably more powerful thanks to additional phasers and rapid fire quantum launchers, as well as rapid
regeneration shields.

For all ships, try to get off a full spread of torpedoes as quickly as possible.  The torps will track well in a group when fired
from a distance, and typically inflict massive damage on most opponents.

When strafing an enemy with the Venture, try to keep your dorsal side facing the enemy.  The Venture's additional nacelle phaser arrays
allow her to pulverize anything above the ship.  Try to finished off the strafing run with a quick spread of aft torpedoes.

For either ship, launch a full spread of forward torpedoes as soon as the battle begins.  Then warp just behind the enemy and launch a full 
spread of aft torpedoes.  Both sets of torpedoes should impact upon the target at nearly the same time, usually inlficting irrepairable

For either ship, do not forget that you can seperate the ship and take control of either the saucer or the drive section.  When seperated,
both parts of the ship will gain a slight increase in maneuverability.  This will greatly enhance survivability against small, powerful ships
like Birds of Prey, Jem Hadar Attack Ships, and Defiant Class ships, if such an event should occur.

The Galaxy Class can take a beating, and usually give better than it gets.  If you lose your shields but are pounding an enemy, keep at

Be careful not to take too many hits to the forward torpedo launchers.  They are vulnerable to attacks from in front and below.  They may
damage easily if they suffer a direct hit.  This is particularly important on the Enterprise, as it lacks the additional punch of the
Venture's nacelle phasers. 

Neither ship is sluggish at the controls, but you will feel their size.  Combat is best done at half or two-thirds impulse.

Both ships' main saucer phaser arrays include overlapping emitters.  From almost any aspect they have visible to them, you can land
multiple beams on an opponent for rapid enemy shield collapse.  Use the phasers in short bursts to minimize recharge time and maximize
accuracy and damage.

The Challenger is equipped with a large number of quantum torpedoes, unlike her sister ships.  However, the USS Venture does carry a few.

If you encounter significant performance issues when using this ship, do the following:


This will change the primary textures to 1024x1024 instead of 2048x2048, meaning that your graphics card will only have to process
20mb of texture data instead of 80mb.  This will be very important for those of you running 128mb or 64 mb graphics cards out there.
Please don't contact me regarding performance issues with the ship.  I am aware that it won't be very smooth on older rigs, especially
if you're running multiple Galaxy Class ships.  Some other suggestions I have if you have performance problems would be to
reduce AA and AF levels.  That will help a lot.

All weapon and engine sounds are set to the defaults, so no matter what sounds you have installed, they should work.


Original Design	: Andrew Probert
Textures	: DJ Curtis 
Meshes		: DJ Curtis
Icons		: DJ Curtis
Hardpoints      : DJ Curtis
Beta		: JimmyB76, AndrewJ, Cordanilus
Other           : 	-As always, a big thanks to LC, who is not active in the BC community anymore, but remains the king.
			-Thanks to Kirk2164 for a touch of plugin help.  Also thanks to MLeo and JimmyB on this.
			-I'd also like to thank Elminster for trying to sort out the icon difficulties in the original Galaxy release.
                        -Also a huge thanks to all the people who provided comments on the thread at BCC.  I appreciate the feedback.
                        -CHECK OUT THE THREAD: 
			-Thanks to Rick Sternbach and Mike Okuda for writing the ST:TNG Technical Manual, which has been an invaluable
			 resource during the construction and detailing of these ships.
			-Thanks to Nebula, who bugged me during the original construction to keep this mod as close to canon as humanly 
                         possible.  Without his help, many details might have been missed.
			-Thanks to Mark Ward, LC (Legacy), NanoByte, and the rest of the ST:Excalibur team for bringing me into the fold.
			-Thanks to Cordanilus for his killer preview teasers.
			-Special thanks to Croesus from Hailing Frequencies Podcast for featuring this mod in Mod Weekly.

Please do not make modifications to any ships in this pack without the author's permission.

Steps to install

1. Extract the Scripts and Data folders to your BC directory.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Do not distribute modified versions of these files without attaining permission from the 
author.  This includes mesh changes, textures, HP's, conversions, and any other modifications.
To request permission, please contact me via PM at BCC.

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