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DJCurtis USS Jutland

jutland.rar —


This is the Dominion War refit of DJ's Vimy Ridge. The detail on this ship is amazing, she kinda looks like a hybrid of an Ambassador and a Sov. as far as combat goes she has very strong shields, she will hang on for a while in a fire fight, but her weapons are fairly weak so one on one I would't put her against anything stronger than Zorgs Keldon. That said, She looks great and she is definatly a good D/L.



Title		: Victory Class USS Jutland
Filename	: Jutland.zip
Version		: 1.0
Date		: 10/29/06
Author		: DJ Curtis
Contact		: PM at Bridge Commander Universe or Bridge Commander Central
Requirements	: NanoFX 2.0B, Elminster's Common Weapons Pack v.3, BC 1.1 patch
Additional	: Blank Registry Textures are Included

Originally designed and built in the 2330's, Victory Class cruisers proved to be one of Starfleet's
finest combat assets during the Cardassian War in the 2350's, and when it appeared that war
would again be on the Federation against the Dominion, numerous Victory Class ships received
weapon, shield, and engine upgrades in preperation for new combat.  The USS Jutland
was one such ship.  Type X phasers and quantum torpedo launchers were fitted, as well as high capacity
shield generators.

I worked hard on this mod and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do.
I decided that by now, many people will have graphics cards capable of efficiently running 2048 textures, so I have
set them as the default, however if you have trouble with these, 1024 and 512 textures are also included.
Alternatively you can use a photo editor like Paint Shop or Photoshop to resize the "High" folder textures
to 1024 x 1024. Though I have to say that playing at at 2048 will really bring out the details on the ship.

Model Design	: DJ Curtis
Textures	: DJ Curtis 
Mesh		: DJ Curtis
Icon		: DJ Curtis
Hardpoints      : DJ Curtis
Weapons         : Torpedoes by Durandal
Other           : Dasher42, Sneaker98, and everyone else invloved in the structures used to make BC moddable.

Technical Details
Polycount        : 7,822 polygons
Textures         : 2048 x 2048  High
                 : 1024 x 1024  Med
                 : 512 x 512    Low

Known Bugs
None so far.  Please contact me if something comes up.

Steps to install

1. Extract the Scripts, Data, and SFX folders to your BC directory.
2. Some people may need to use the BC-MOD Installer.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Copyright notices: 

Star Trek, Bridge Commander, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation,
Star Trek: Voyager (and the various logo devices used in them) are copyright Paramount Pictures,
as are the characters, related images, and sound from the productions. 

Do not distribute modified versions of these files without attaining permission from the 
author.  This includes mesh changes, textures, HP's, conversions, and any other modifications.
To request permission, please contact me via PM at BCU or BCC.

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