DKealt's Phasers



Here is a cool new phaser mod by DKealt. When you use the Model Property Editor to install these new phasers, the results will be a cannon like effect! Based on the ST Deep Space: Nine episodes the "The Jem'Hadar", " Call to Arms" and ST: Voyager's episode "Dragon's Teeth". Judging from the screen pics, The new phaser textures looks sweet!! Hardpoint.py's of the P81 Intrepid and Scotchy's Galaxy Class are included.

I would suggest this mod for those who know their way around Hardpoints. The author will give you simple instructions, if the Model Property Editor (MPE) is beyond your reach.

Definately download worthy!



Star Trek : Bridge Commander

Developer - DKealt

DKealt's Phasers

After releasing my torpedo pack I thought I may as wel release some of the personal phaser texture changes that I
made to the game. Included is the DS9 Phaser and the Voyager phaser texture. The DS9 phaser was based on the
episodes "The Jem'Hadar" and "Call To Arms" the effect of this is best seen in action as the orange glowing phaser has
a disfunctional in pattern and pulsating in its direction. The Voyager phaser is based upon the episode "Dragon's Teeth"
and I pulled the graphics from the cover art of the video. this texture emulates a phaser with much more rippling effect
compared to the DS9.


Either. . . 

Drag the 'Data' folder only into your BC root directory. Use the Model Property Editor in the BC SDK to add the texture,
otherwise you'll get an odd looking phaser (that is if you just do a straight texture swap). Rework the ship you want to
 add the phaser to's hardpoint to match the configuration shown in the relevant DS9 and VOY Phaser Specs images.

Or. . .

Replace the Ship's hardpint for the ship named "Intrepid" and "SNSGalaxy", therfore drag both the 'Data' and 'Scripts'
files into your BC root directory.


Myself DKealt and the images the textures we based upon.
Scotchy and LSSailor (the hardpoints were worked around thier frames)

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