Dominion Missions

This is a QBR mission focusing on the Dominion Wars. Not very Complex as QBR mission goes. Only (4) starsystems in the campaign. You will ne...


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This is a QBR mission focusing on the Dominion Wars. Not very Complex as QBR mission goes. Only (4) starsystems in the campaign. You will need specific models to play this game. If you don't have these ships listed in the readme, the mod will to work.

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Download 'qbrdominionmissions1.0.rar' (3KB)

QBR Dominion Missions V1.0

Developed By Joxbo

In these three missions, you will be in command of the Nemesis Sovereign. It is a cool and powerful ship and i thought it would be great to use against the Dominion, just see what happens. I've made it so as soon as you enter a system, the action starts. Save all that wasted time searching the whole quadrant looking for the enemy and all that. Here though, the Nemesis Sov is tested to the max. Sure, she's powerful enough, but you gotta know how to use her under pressure. And after playtesting this several times, i realise anything can happen. Its a real touch and go scenario. The outcome truely depends on which road to take and how fast you act, and how you handle your ship.

Mission Brief:

Mission 1: You start off in Drydock. You are ordered to scout the nearby systems for Dominion activity, and remove it. Simple as that. There is also a renegade Galaxy Class starship in the vecinity. Captain Jellico has defected to the Dominion and taken his ship and crew with him. Take him out. But be warned; he may have an escort or two.

Mission 2: Several Dominion attack cruisers have begun an assault on various Starships patrolling the sector. Go to all systems and save as many starships as you can. We need to save as many ships as possible for the forthcoming war.

Mission 3: Here's the biggy. Deep Space Nine has come under attack in the Yarris System by several heave Dominion cruisers. For this, you are assigned two wingmen. The Defiant will accompany you along with a second starship, the DeForest. This is the heaviest attack the Dominion have made thus far, and all your skill is required to drive the Dominion away.

Good Luck


RedDragon + Durandal's Dominion Super Battleship (Available at
USS Apollo's Dominion Battlecruiser (also at
Nine of Nine's Defiant V1.5 (
Hawkeye's Nemesis Sovereign (
The Pelican's DS9 (
Cpt 2xtreme's Sovereign Yards (

Installation Instructions:

Just unzip the .py files and place them into  the Activision/Bridge Commander/Scripts/Custom/QuickBattleGame folder. When you start up QBR, you will find the missions in the file menu. Just load them up, hit start and away you go.

Bugs: None known


I understand that some of you have performance problems with the new Nemesis Sovereign. If this is the case and your machine slows down too much, try switching to low colour depth and turn the damage down to medium (in my view there is almost no difference in eye-candy, but the performance increases brilliantly). If this is no good, replace Nemesis Sov with the stock or P81's Sov using the same coordinates. For any advice or requests on this, contact me at 
[email protected] I will get back to you as soon as i can.

Special thanks:

Goes to all of the above makers of ships. They're all fantastic in the extreme. Keep up the cool work guys!
Also thanks to BC for putting this up, and the BC world community.  

Thanks for downloading

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