Dominion Wars Klingon Ship Pack

Here is a "Preview" of the Dominon Wars Ship Pack, Featuring the Klingons. This pack is an "Self Extracting" .exe file. So all the guess wor...


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Here is a "Preview" of the Dominon Wars Ship Pack, Featuring the Klingons. This pack is an "Self Extracting" .exe file. So all the guess work has been done for you. The customized Hardpoints will relect the abilities of the Klingon ships seen in DS9's Dominion Wars and the Gizmo Games "ST: Dominion Wars". This Pack includes the P81 Bird of Prey, C2Vorcha, DX Negh'var, D-Series Klingon Battlecruiser and the K'vortcha. The ships have been retextured, too give the Klingon Fleet an more "Dark and Omimus" look. When you see these ships coming at you in game, You will know they "mean" buisness!

I recommend this pack for any fan of the Dominion Wars!

Since I was involved in this Project, I'll let you rate it...


* Sub Menu V3;;27960 * NanoFX2b;;23469 * Elminster's Common Weapons Pack;;36517

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Download '' (12.91MB)


            Dominion Wars Ship Pack



           NanoFX2b or later
           Sub Menu Mod v.3 or later
           Elminster's Common Weapons pack v.2.6 or later
           The latest version of Foundation (included with BCMI.NET/BCMP 4.4)


           First Release


            This is the first in a series of ship packs designed around the Dominion Wars, (Deep Space 9)
            While most ships in thise packs are canon and were seen, some were surmised to have been
            involved. Others were taken from the Gizmo Games 'Dominion Wars'.

Un/ Install Instructions:

           To Install:

                            Extract the Installer .exe to a temporary folder, and Double click.
                            make sure you set the install path to the location of  your BC installation.

           To Uninstall: 

                             Goto Control Panel/ Add Remove Programs and select Remove.


             First Release


             if you are creating a Mod, please do not use any file name(s) that have the same names
             in the same location as any files in this pack. I will not support faults resulting from this
             type of problem. This Pack should not interfere with any other Mod, provided the above
             instructions are followed.

             This Mod pack Includes "HIGH" Resolution textures ONLY.


             My Beta Testers


Bug/ Issues:

             Ship Discriptions not found in the Player/ Region Menu
             NanoFX blinkers will not dissapear after cloaking, this is a NanoFX Problem
             NanoFX blinkers will be misaligned, after docking/ warping ect. this is a NanoFX Problem

For the Future:

             Try to fix the Ship discription bug
             Model rescale it/ when needed ot identified


             Pneumonic81, DamoclesX, Cleeve for thier models.
             Blackrook32 for the retextures.


             [email protected]

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