Dragons Borg E-Bridge Retexture

First off, this is technically a retextured bridge but since its placed as a separate selectable bridge I put it as a complete bridge. In my...


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First off, this is technically a retextured bridge but since its placed as a separate selectable bridge I put it as a complete bridge. In my humble opinion, I would say this bridge looks very good. And with the Borg Crewmembers it makes the bridge even better (separate mod). I like that none of the files replaces any of the original files. These 2 mods gives a nice feeling to finally use borg design and drones while fighting those pesky Federation Ships. Hope you enjoy these mods as much as I did when testing them. Definetely a keeper on my part.

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Download 'dragons_borg_bridge_1.3.rar' (2.97MB)

Dragons Borg E-Bridge Re-Texture 1.3

Thank you for downloading my latest bridge re-texture. Please read the following prior to use:

Borg Intrepid-Bridge Retexture (V1.1) By Dragon_uk20002

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY (even though nothing should go wrong)


*Bridge Commander 1.1

*Latest Foundation


This is V1.3 of my Borg E-Bridge retexture. This bridge is intended to be used with gdluque's Borg Crew 1.3, which is highly recommended however it is not required in order to use. Included in this bridge are custom Borg sounds which play over the top of current sounds used in game. The sounds included are:

Red Alert, Yellow Alert, Green Alert, Door Sound, Hail and Ambient.

These sounds DO NOT replace any sounds used in-game.


Unzip the files into a temporary folder and then copy and paste the Data, Scripts & SFX folders into your Bridge Commander directory. Then over-write the files once asked to do so. Load up Bridge Commander and select E-Borg in order to play...

Known Bugs

This is not exactly a bug, but when you go to any alert status, the original alert sounds will play also. I am not sure how to prevent this. Also, at times the Borg Red Alert will not be heard if you recently changed alert status, however this is often random and cannot be changed unless you use a silent file for the original redalert.wav


Textures- From EF1 & EF2 and other Star Trek sources.

Sounds- From EF1 & EF2 and other Star Trek sources.

Re-Texturing- Dragon_UK20002

Testing- gdluque


Special Thanks to gdluque for his input. (Look out for his NEW Borg Crew)

I'd also like to thank mldaalder for his guide on making bridges loadable.
Tested in Bridge Commander 1.1

Please enjoy this bridge, constructive criticism is welcome! However, I am fully aware that the Borg DO NOT have a bridge and that they DO NOT sit. My talents so far only allow me to produce re-textures...

.Please do not use any components of my work without my permission, its just polite.

This bridge is part of D&G Productions

Dragon & gdluque

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