DS9 alert alarm



Missnamed as the deifant alert in the readme, this will give you a lound, ds9 alert alerm. Most likely if this is what is used on nor class stations, it is probably also used on cardassian ships. The alert alarm sounds 5 or so times.



Joxbo's Defiant Red Alert(V1.0)

Developer: Joxbo

Apparently, according to the side i got it from, this is the red alert klaxon for the Defiant, but i'm not sure as i've no way to check at present. Although it does sound different from the other Defiant red alert so somethings up. Maybe it changed throughout the series? You'll have to let me know. Anyway, it originally only played three alarms in quick succession, and it was over too quickly, so i increased it to five and added some effects to make it sound like its really on that bridge with you. 

Installation instructions:

1. Go to the Activision/Bridge Commander/sfx folder and you'll see a wav file called 'redalert' Copy this and place it in another folder so you've still got the original. 
2. Extract the new 'redalert' file to where the original still resides, overwriting the old. Alternatively, you can extract the new file to any location, go to it and copy it the same way you backed up the original, and paste it in Activision/Bridge Commander/sfx, and click 'yes' when you are asked if you want to overwrite it. 
3. Start up BC and go to red alert to hear it.

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