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Commander for a while, this version includes all of the features of the original version as well as a lot more. This version also includes m...


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Commander for a while, this version includes all of the features of the original version as well as a lot more. This version also includes more features that push the game once more with a lot more scripting functions, including Life Support, the Ability for AI to Capture ships and much more. Xtended also includes more than one version of the badlands textures (including a Canon version) as well as several different improved texture choices for the wormhole (just like the original), as well as several new star systems, new missions as well some new sun effects (which look a lot more realistic) as well as more missions avaliable in the game, more mini missions as well as something completely new that hasn't been seen before, pulsars (see the video below)There is a lot more included within the modification including a lot of ships, as well as a lot of scripting modifcations which haven't been seen before but I won't spoil the rest for you as there is far more than the above, and it is a lot of fun as well! Although there is one suggestion that I do have though please read the manual that comes with the file for any issues you may have and should answer several questions that you may have. Overall this is one of the best modifications that have been released for a while and it is certainly one of the most fun and will keep you occupied for hours.Pulsar VideoRequirementsMinimum System Requirements:*1.8 GHz Processor*256 MB RAM*128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 5200 or ATI Radeon equivalent)Recommended System Requirements:*2.8 GHz Processor or higher*512 MB RAM or higher*128 MB Graphics Card (GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon equivalent) or higherMod Requirements:-FoundationCan be obtained in BCUT: http://bcs-tng.com/portal/?q=bcsmc-NanoFX 2.0 BetaPretty much a requirement for any modern mod nowadays, it can be obtained here: http://bridgecommander.filefront.com/file/NanoFX;23469

Built upon the successful mod DS9FX v3.0, Xtended pushes the boundaries of the game once again.What can you hope to find in DS9FX Xtended? Here is a short list:-New systems-Canon Badlands set-New campaign-New historic missions-New mini missions-Life support-No damage through fully functional shields-New sun effects-Pulsars**** PLEASE be sure to READ THE MANUAL! It is your friend! If you should run into any issues or errors with this mod, your answer may be in there smile If not, please post them at BCS, in the DS9FX Forum, and please have a console report ready.

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