Echo Papa 607 Heavy Weapons System

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Here is something unexpected, straight from TNG's 1st season episode "Arsenal of Freedom". The Echo Papa 607. This Minoan Masterpiece is an formidable weapon. Enough so that only a few decimated the Minoan Homeworld. This Drone gave the Galaxy Class a run for her money! This Multitasking attack drone is fast and extremely agile. And equipped with high powered phasers. All protected with the latest in Cloaking technology. The Echo Papa 607 will be able to take out lesser starships like the Intrepid, Defiant , Saber & Danube Runabouts. Also most Attack Fighters such as the Peregrine and Hornet. Satisfaction is 100% "Guaranteed"! So, what are you waiting for?

Download this "Complete" weapons system now, while supplies last!

Check it out. . .



File: ep607.zip
Author: Treleth
E-Mail: [email protected]
Requirements: -Full version of Star Trek: Bridge Commander

This is the Echo Papa 607 from the TNG episode "Arsenal of Freedom". This ship is small, fast and agile. It is armed with 3 super strong burst phasers. It is capable of eliminating samller federation ships (Intrepid, Saber, ect.) but it's a 50/50 chance of defeating a Galaxy Class.


To Install: Extract to a temporary folder and copy the data, sfx and scripts folder into your BC diirectory.

You know this stuff already, Paramount owns Star Trek (even though they shouldn't) and everything related to it, you can use this mod just as long as you give credit, blah blah blah

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