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Finally, Elite Force Characters bots comes to Bridge Commander. Here is an much needed change from the Stock bots. This mod comes with a eas...


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Finally, Elite Force Characters bots comes to Bridge Commander. Here is an much needed change from the Stock bots. This mod comes with a easy to install .EXE so all the hard work will be done for you. One of the most famous parts of Excalibur; the EF2 crew were first showcased in the ST Excalibur teaser trailer (March 2007), and ever since have been widely discussed in various forums. Since March 2007 the team has continued to develop its crew, and is now working on completely new crew from scratch making the ported EF2 characters redundant within the project. As such Frontier Productions is releasing this pack as a chance for the public to see for themselves just what it intends to achieve within Excalibur.

Please remember this is an unsupported release of an Alpha stage project, there are several bugs with the meshes and animations, however the crew remain totally playable.

Absolutely ((NO MODIFICATION)) of the files within this package is permitted.

Definitely Download Worthy!

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Download 'ef2_crew.rar' (7.19MB)

EF2 Bridge Crew (v0.1a)

The EF2 crew was originally ported for use in Excalibur, however after issues with the models and better results from custom built bodies the decision was made to abandon the concept. The models and scripts continued to be tweaked and reworked by Blackrook32 throughout 2007 leading to the pack that you see today, and Blackrook is continuing his work on making the pack a stable and usable crew modification.

The pack replaces crew models and skins with ported models from Elite Force 2, the models used should match up to the stock characters (Kiska is bajoran etc). There are several issues with the materials in this pack, ranging from misaligned joints to bad warping of meshes on animation, additionally the models do not "blink" since the new models have detailed eyelids. The jaw has been sucessfuly linked to the BC skeletal jawbone, however detailed lip synching is not possible within the confines of Bridge Commander.

We are releasing this package as a chance for you to all see the kind of quality we are aiming for in Excalibur; remember that these models are already superior to those within stock BC and we have turned them down to work on something even more impressive.

Warning: This pack edits stock files, we recommend you make backups of "scripts\Bridge\Characters" in case you wish to return to your old crew at any time.

Original Meshes: Ritualistic Games
Porting: LC Amaral
Retexturing & Tweaks: Blackrook32
Scripts: Blackrook32 - LC Amaral

1. Run the executable setup file and follow the on-screen instructions.
2. Enjoy.
Version History


    * First Public Release - Abandoned for Excalibur

Known Bugs

Mesh warping on certain bodies, some heads misaligned, no blinking, stock scripts overwritten.

Absolutely no reworking of this modification or its contents without the express and verified permission of LC Amaral.

Email: thirdera at gmail.com

Or find us at Bridge Commander Central

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