Elminster's Common Weapons Pack

This is another update to Elminster's Common Weapons Pack, this mod comes as a self extracting EXE file. These include the weapons and sound...


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This is another update to Elminster's Common Weapons Pack, this mod comes as a self extracting EXE file. These include the weapons and sounds for all of Elminsters current and upcoming Dominion Wars Ship packs. This mod also comes with the torpedo spread abilities however you must have ATP 3 for these to work other wise these will be as normal within the game.

These Weapons are also compatible with all ship mod under the "Blackrook32/Elminster" ship mods and mod packs.

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Download 'elminsters_common_weapons_packv3.rar' (2.34MB)

Elminster's Common Weapons Pack




The torpedo spread script required ATP3 (Supplied with MPMP2).
If you do not have it installed, torpedo spreads will be fired as normal torpedos.



This weapons pack is a resource for future HP and Mod packs.
It will be listed in the requirements section of the readme.
Make Sure you get the latest version.

Install Instructions:

If you have installed a previous version with an installer, uninstall it first, otherwise just unpack and run the .exe file.

You will only be prompted to overwrite existing folders, select 'yes' to this.
If you are prompted to overrite existing files, you already have a version of this pack. An early version was included with the Galaxy Class Mod Pack, and the Sol Multisystem 2. Select 'yes' to overwrite, if your sure this is the latest version.


Now includes all projectiles/sound files and scripts for the Dominion Wars Ship Pack. Includes support for the Defiant Class Mod Pack v2. Fixes for someof the torps, missing sounds and textures etc.


If you have installed the Sol Multisystem v2 (Chris Jones) or the Galaxy Class Mod Pack v.1, then this pack will update these, please confirm when you are asked to replace files.


Blackrook32 and Chris Jones, Mark, MadJohn, Darkthunder, C2Extreme, MayhemUK; my beta testers and anyone I've missed.


None known, if you find one let me know.

For the Future:

Nothing yet.


The sound and textures for these weapons were pulled from a large variety of sources. I am certain the following should be credited, if I've missed someone let me know. C2Extreme, Blackrook32, Chronicidal Guy, Durandal, Laurelin, Queball, Crazyhid, xcorps.

Due to a vast number of files and much mixing and matching, it wasn't feasible to contact everyone for permission. If you are unhappy with the inclusion of your work please advise me of the file that is yours and it will be removed.

Installer Page Art/Assembly: Blackrook32

Author: Elminster

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