Elminster's Nebula Upgrade v3.0

This is version 3.0 of Elminster's Nebula upgrade. Like version 2.0, you can pick photon torpedo's only or both quantum and photons for yo...


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This is version 3.0 of Elminster's Nebula upgrade. Like version 2.0, you can pick photon torpedo's only or both quantum and photons for your torpedo loads.

The two biggest changes are a lowering of the shield strenght, and adding in 2 port and 2 starboard firing torpedo launchers. With the lower shield strenght, it is now a little harder to fight the bigger ships out. But it's still cool, as the Nebula has always been seen as weaker then the Galaxy class. (What, just because the Enterprise-D was a Gal, the Nebula should be weaker??)

The new starboard and port firing torpedo launchers will take a little bit of time to get use too. Try aiming up and to the right/left of the weapons pod. But once you get use to firing them, drive by quantum's in the face gets really cool.

All in all, this line of upgrades just get better and better. My personal views aside. Just spend the time to get use to the new launchers. Trust me, it's worth it.

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Download 'elminstersnebulaupdatev3.zip' (23KB)

Nebula Update Readme. V3

Changes since version 2

Added two port and two Starboard torpedo launchers on weapons pod
Fixed forward tube 3 & 4 firing positions
Reduced shield strength.

Changes Since version 1

Weapons Pod torpedo launchers increased and staggered to shape of weapons pod
Number of torpedos launched from each tube changed to maintain balance.
Repair time decreased.
Systems operate longer when taking damage
Ship mass altered to approx 75% of galaxy class.
Ship turning capability altered to match.
Two versions of Mod, one with Photons only, one with both Quantums and Photons.


This mod will update Rick Knox's Nebula to its  galaxy (or Venture) class equivalent.
It is intended to compliment the Venture variant or Ricks standard Galaxy.
This ship is now highly effective in melee combat.

Install Instructions

Just unpack the file and double click the BCMOD (depending on the torpedo load you want),
You will need v1.3 of the Mod installer to do this.

Select 'yes' when prompted to overwrite the existing hardpoints file.

WARNING this wil change the stock Nebula, it will not be added as an additional ship!
If you want to restore your original Nebula back up this file before overwriting.

Changes (v 1)

Added 150 Quantum torpedoes
Increased the number of Photon torpedoes
Phasers have been uprated to Venture damage spec.
Shield strength increased to Venture spec.


to Rick Knox for a great ship.
to the BC modding comunity.



CONSTRUCTIVE Comments and suggestions, email;

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