Elminsters Galaxy Update

This gives the galaxy single saucer phaser arcs


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This gives the galaxy single saucer phaser arcs

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Download 'elminstersgalaxyupdatev2.zip' (12KB)

Elminsters Galaxy Update v2 Readme.

You WILL need BCMI V 1.3 


This mod will update Rick Knox's Galaxy.

Install Instructions

Just unpack the file and double click the BCMOD,
You will need v1.3 of the Mod installer to do this.

Select 'yes' when prompted to overwrite the existing hardpoints file.
If you have problems with PulsePhaser sounds overwrite any other files requested,

WARNING this wil change Rick Knox's Galaxy, it will not be added as an additional ship!
If you want to restore your original HP back up this file before overwriting.

V2 Changes

Changed saucer arcs to single arrays (phaser strength, duration, and durability altered to compensate)

V1 Changes 

Adjusted manouverability and max speed.
Uprated system strength.
Damaged systems operate longer.
Uprated Hull
Uprated Shield Generator.
Uprated Phaser strength.


to the BC modding comunity.
Rick Knox for his Galaxy.



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