Elminsters Miranda Update v3.0

Not much to say here people. Once again this update for Rich Knox's Miranda class ship has been upgrade. And for the better. And once again...


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Not much to say here people. Once again this update for Rich Knox's Miranda class ship has been upgrade. And for the better. And once again he made it that much better.

At this point there is not much more that can be done for this series of updates. The only thing is I still not a 100% happy about the firing arcs on the phaser cannons. But they are still better then before. If you line the ship up right, you can fire both cannons, both forward top phasers, and the torpedo's. That might sound like a lot, but Elminster has the damage set just right.

If I was yous guys, I'd just download it. It's worth it.

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Download 'elminstersmirandaupdatev3.zip' (11KB)

Miranda Update Readme. (Version 3.0)

Changes since version 2.0

Fixed Phaser Cannon firing angles, will now fire more reliably
Changed 'disabled' percentage on most systems so they operate longer.
Fixed the aft torpedo bug, where two torps are fired from one tube and only one from the other.
Shield strength reduced slightly, recharge rate increased slightly.
Mod converted to BCMOD.

You will need Rick Knox's Miranda and BCMI version 1.3

Changes since version 1.0

Reduced shield strength, too strong against even non stock ships.
Re-added megaphasers as Phaser Cannons, advised they did appear on DS9...


This mod will update Rick Knox's Miranda to DS9 era specs.
It is intended to compliment the Lakota refit Excelsior variant.
This makes the ship much more effictive when dealing with Cardassian or Dominion ships.

Install Instructions

Just extract the file, and then double-click on it.

Select 'yes' when prompted to overwrite the existing hardpoints file.

WARNING this wil change the stock Miranda, it will not be added as an additional ship!
If you want to restore your original Miranda back up this file before overwriting.

Changes (v1.0)

Increased the number of fore and aft torpedo launchers
Added 40 Quantum torpedoes
Increased the number of Photon torpedoes
Phasers now use the TNG style and have been uprated to approx. TNG damage spec.
Shield strength increased
All systems -  strength increased
Removed the Megaphasers (I have never seen them used on a post Wrath of Khan Miranda)
Reduced repair time on all systems.


to Rick Knox for a great ship.
to the BC modding comunity.


If someone could add the Galaxy style Bussard collectors to the saucer section (as seen in the DS9 pilot on the Saratoga at Wolf 359)



CONSTRUCTIVE Comments and suggestions, email;

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