Enemy Fleet Order



Here is an interesting "new" adaptation of NXDefiant's Fleet Command Mod from Chris Jones- The Enemy Fleet Order. This is a self extracting .exe file, so all the hard work is done for you. Basically , you can "hack" into the Enemy's Helm, from the Player's Helm. To mislead and misdirect the enemy forces. And draw attention away from one of your friendly forces on their last legs. This will be an interesting upgrade for your Bridge's Helm Station.

Definitely worth taking a look at.



Enemy Fleet Order v.1.0  .exe

This file will detect where BC is on your PC, and is an adaptation of NXDefiant's Fleet Order Mod released here on BCfiles.

This will allow you to command your enemies to do certain things, in the same way as the Fleet Order Mod does. You can order the Enemy fleet or one ship  to follow you. or Order an individual ship or Fleet to attack or stop. Enemy Starbases will also attack if a friendly gets close enough. This Mod also requires you to have the BC1.1 Patch in your install.

The purpose of this little mod is to have "Fun", and to see it I could get it to work for enemies as NXDefiant did it for the friendlies. I'm not sure what the purpose commanding your enemies have- But it's another way to have some fun with BC.

Chris Jones

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