Engine Overload

Here is something totally unexpected from the BCS: Training Corps debut- Engine Overload! This modded weapon effect allows you the player to...


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Here is something totally unexpected from the BCS: Training Corps debut- Engine Overload! This modded weapon effect allows you the player to set up a disruptive pulse from your own ship's engine. This will shutdown any ship's engine in the battle arena. The effect can be directed to a single targeted ship (30) seconds or an entire fleet (40) seconds. All vessels have to be within 20 kilometers of your ship, As it will be the "epicenter "of the wave. One drawback to this tactical advantage? If you use this strategy, and your ship's power was nearly depleted. You will use up your remaining power reserves and you will unable to deploy the weapon. That's the worse case scenario. But this is an excellent mod, for those who like and want more Tactical choices in QuickBattle.

Definitely Worth having a look at. . . .

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Download 'engineoverloadv1.0.zip' (855KB)

Engine Overload


This script requires NanoFX 2 Beta and QBautostart.

Engine Overload is another new weapon for BC made by the trainee's in the BCS: Training Corps. This mod allows you to disable the engines of a target or a fleet as long as the ship(s) are within 20 KM.

This Weapon also drains your main power to charge itself so if you don't have enough power you will be unable to charge and fire the weapon.


- QBautostart (0.9.1 recommended)

- NanoFX 2 Beta

- 1.1 BC patch

- Foundation

Installation Instructions

To install this mod simply copy all the folders over to your BC Directory.

Plugin Tool

Open the html document in the Plugin Tool Folder with Internet Explorer it might prompt you to allow blocked content.
Do so and simply follow instructions inside the HTML document.
Note: The plugin tool does not work in FireFox or opera

How To Use
You must start a battle in quickbattle through the quickbattle set up through Saffi's menu

Charging Times:
- Disable Target: 30 Seconds
- Fleet Disable: 40 Seconds

The Engines only remain disables for 30 seconds.

note: only ships within 20 KM will be affected and you must be within 20 KM for the Target disable, otherwise it will not fire


None that we know of

Tested in Bridge Commander v1.1 with lots of other mods


- Defiant for QBautostart

- Nanobyte for Nano FX 2 Beta

- BCS: TNG for the use of the code from several scripts including the Phalantium Wave and Advanced Core Options

- Mike Mendez,  Jimmy, Shinzon, Cackad for the teamwork which made the creation of this weapon possible

- And to anyone who I forgotten


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