Enhanced Cardassian ship MOD



This mod will enhance the cardassian ships by giving them 2 forward beams & some extra general improvments



This is my Enhanced Cardassian ship MOD.
It makes general improvements to the ships AND gives the 
Galor and Keldon 2 extra forward beams that do half as much 
damage as the main beam, i have even added the emitters in the 
texture file.

The Keldon also can fire 3 torps instead of 2

The new texture is only a high quality texture so if you have 
Bridge Commander on a lower quality setting then the extra 
emitters wont show...

To install this just unzip it into the Bridge Commander main 
directory, it will overwrite the keldon.pyc, Galor.pyc, cardhybrid
and CardGalor01_glow.tga files, so i suggest you make a backup of 
those files.

The compressor beam and the emitters don't line up exactly, 
but the original dosen't line up either!

if you have any problems or questions e-mail me at
[email protected]

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