ENT Challenger Pack



Here Is a "Cool" Offering for you Star Trek: Enterprise fans out there. The ENT Challenger Pack! You will get three versions the Starships Jupiter, Tripoli and the Mirror Version- The I.S.S. Jupiter. These ships handel well in game. Fast as "quicksilver" but weak on hull armor. I was impressed with thier speed and firing arcs. Not too over the top. I tested the ships against the recently released Andorian Kumari- which by the way need to be balanced. This Pack's HP are great ingame! Each ship in this pack is a perfect "Gem"!

Defiantely Download Worthy!




Jupiter Class (Challenger v3)



Original Concept: ScottPKeene

Model: ScottPKeene

Textures: Mark (Ignis)

Hardpoints: Darkdrone/ Mark (Ignis)

Ship Icon: Darkthunder



Three Variations of the Jupiter Class from Enterprise

- Season 3 variant: as seen on TV

- Mirror variant: With semi powerful disruptor canons that fire like chaingun

- USS Tripoli: Early Federation Era. . . . Around the time of the NX ATLANTIS

This ship is fast, but weak. use your ship to avoid enemy fire and  keep in the weapons blackspots.



NX Ship Pack (any version... this requires the weapons pack)

MLeo's Sub Menu v.3


Install Instructions:

Just Cut/ Paste the data and scripts folder from "Challenger" folder to your Root BC directory (usually  C:\Program Files\Activision\Bridge Commander)


Known Bugs: None

You will need explicit permission from the Author (s) of this work for RE-DISTRIBUTION,  FOR OTHER MODS, CONVERSIONS ETC...

You Should NOT publish them without the permission from the Author(s) without properly crediting them for their work...

Commercial use of this mod (selling it, placing it on a CD for sale, using it in any form or advertising etc.) is strictly PROHIBITED!!!!

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