Enterprise Ncc-1701

A improved version of the Enterprise which P81 made with a few modifications.

Worth a look at!!


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A improved version of the Enterprise which P81 made with a few modifications.

Worth a look at!!

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Readme File:
Constitution Class USS Enterprise NCC1701 by Pneumonic81 & Improved by Dazer

1. Requirements
2. Installation
3. Ship info
4. Improvements
5. Legal

1. Requirements

1. Full version of Star Trek Bridge Commander, preferably V1.1. May work in demo but this is untested.
2. Dasher42’s Ship plug-in system, see http://dynamic3.gamespy.com/~bridgecommander/vbforums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1348 (Copy & Paste link to browser) for the full details and a download link for the latest version of the plug-in system.
3. BC-Mod Packager V4.4. Available on www.BCfiles.com.
2. Installation

1. Copy all the files in the .Rar Archive to your Bridge Commander directory.
2. Open up BC-Mod packager & select the game tools tab. (If it asks you if you would like to install the foundation system, click yes.)
3. Scroll down the list until you see the name ConstitutionRefit.py & then click it once so it becomes highlighted.
4. Click on the species pull down menu & choose federation, then click make plugin
5. Open up the game & go to configure then mutators & select all of the options.
6. And that should be it, any problems ask on the www.BCfiles.com forums.

3. Ship info

Perhaps the most famous spacecraft in the history of Starfleet, the Enterprise is a Federation Constitution-class starship, registry number NCC-1701, launched in 2245 from the San Francisco Yards orbiting Earth. The Enterprise was originally commanded by Captain Robert April and then by Captain Christopher Pike before entering into a five year mission under Captain James Tiberius Kirk. The original Enterprise was destroyed just before its scheduled retirement in 2285, when Captain Kirk self-destructed the Enterprise so that it would not fall into the hands of the Klingon Empire. It's replacement, the NCC 1701-A was commissioned shortly thereafter by the Federation and is currently in service under the command of Captain Kirk.

4. Improvements

The ship IS P81's, I take no credit for it's creation. Howerver, I have made the ship a lot more canon.
First the Hardpoint has been improved so that the ship has new phasers on the ventral side of the hull. Also it uses the Photon Torpedoes & Phasers (Taken from P81's Excelsior.) that the Enterprise uses in The Wrath of Khan. Secondly the warp engines have had the blue glow removed, (This may sound like a downside but it isn't, in the films the warp engines only glow when the ship go's through warp. Lastly the impulse engines now glow orang instead of blue.

5. Legal

This software is provided as-is, and the author (Daniel B. Houghton) makes 
No guarantee of the performance of this software, its security, compatibility, 
safety, or usefulness, and cannot be held liable for any consequence of this 
Software’s use.

Permission is given to modify or distribute the accompanying files as a 
Component of Bridge Commander under the terms of the Activision SDK license 
With the following provisions:

1. This readme file shall be included in any distribution, and credit given in
any work which incorporates this package's files,

2. Any changes to the .PY files included in this distribution that does not 
Incorporate Activision material shall be included as source code per the terms of 
The Lesser GNU Public License (LGPL), where this does not violate the terms of 
The Activision SDK license,

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