Enterprise Theme loading screen

Loading screens showing the evolution of the Enterprise vessel.


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Loading screens showing the evolution of the Enterprise vessel.

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If you are already familiar with my origional loading screen, you will know that I based it on the Evolution of the Enterprise. I did this because the one by NX-armada used older models of the ships that beared the name enterprise. My V1.0 loading screen used the best ships I could find, i.e. cg sov khalibans 1701a, but still I didn't feel satisfied because the stock starbase was useless & the mabassador didn't have the right registries. I also wanted to feature something inside the starbase, but the stock one again let me down (It's even more crap inside). This now uses the starbase replacement v2.0 by zorg & morpheus & the ent C by captain lc amaral. I hope you enjoy looking at it more than the "quote" 'sovereign thats shooting cat piss!!!'

To install drag into the data/movies directory in your main bc folder

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