Escape Pods varied

sfrd_escape_pods_modifaction.zip —


[NX]Terran Empire [modern], a Tejas Pod [a spare], A Romulan Pod, a Ferengi Pod, a Kessok Pod, a TOSpod, a JJPod, a Future one, a TMP one, and some others we think you will like. -= might be some others at a later date=-[[[ SO for those NOT using KM there is a needed requirement read the requirements. ]]]This mod contains a new "Abandon Ship.py" and few other items by Defiant.*** this WILL overwrite your 'Abandon Ship.py' in Qbautostart.*** [make a back-up in script-custom-Qbautostart]*** this WILL overwrite your 'Races.py' in Qbautostart-Libs.*** [make a back-up in script-custom-Qbautostart-Libs]*** this WILL overwrite several Races in Qbautostart-Libs-Racesd.***[make a back-up in script-custom-Qbautostart-Libs-Racesd][[ this mod will Overwrite, your SonaB-Defiant-Nova pluggins inside KM ] ** so make backup** (pluggins are in script-custom-ships)]Note:** Install the required ships before, Installing this Mod**. [if you don-t have ships already]read the readmes and especially the requirements.read the readmes and especially the requirements.


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