Exeter's Advanced Galaxy Phasers 1.0

This here is an advanced phaser edition for the Galaxy Class. It makes the phasers last longer and makes use of all ventral, dorsal, fore, a...


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This here is an advanced phaser edition for the Galaxy Class. It makes the phasers last longer and makes use of all ventral, dorsal, fore, aft, and lefy and right phasers giving it a 360 degree arc of fire in all directions. Exeter is currently working on the weapons for Rick's Intrepid, Miranda, and the rest of the ship in BC.

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Download 'exgalpha.zip' (3.44MB)

           Star Trek Bridge Commander

Title		: Exeter's Galaxy Class Phasers 1.01
Date		: 04-04-2002
Files		: data folder, scripts folder this readme, screenshots01-08
Author		: Exeter
Email Address	: Exeter@attbi.com
Description	: Fully functional and accurate Phasers for Galaxy Class vessels
Other  Works	: None... yet
Future Works	: mods for Bridge Commander
Homepage	: None yet


" Description "

This mod adds full use of the galaxy class' aft, lateral and ventral phasers.  These Phaser banks can clearly be seen on any official model of a galaxy class starship except the ones included in this game.  Due to this lack of authenticity by the game developers I have included, allong with my mod, a wonderful set of textures created by Lorik which do include these missing phaser banks. All Phasers fire, target and even trail allong the proper phaser banks as they should.  This mod does not in any way increase the power of the phasers. 

* Construction *

Base		: original Bridge Commander files, Lorik's galaxy class textures
Editor(s) used	: SDK Model Editor
Known Bugs	: Ventral Phasers 1 and 4 and aft phasers 1 and 2 fire correctly but when targeted as a subsystem are not where they should be on the model; any info on why this is would be welcomed.
Build Time	: about 8 hours

* Installation *
Back up your galaxy.py and galaxy.pyc files located in scripts\ships\hardpoints. Extract the data and scripts folders to your path, where you installed Bridge Commander

* Special Thanks *
to Lorik for his textures
to Activision for the best Star Trek game ever
to Gene Roddenberry, for the entire Star Trek universe

* Copyright / Permissions *

This zip-file cannot be distributed without the permission of the authors in all kind
of media. The packet must remain as it is without dropping out any files, including
this document. The author reserves all rights to ask the distributor to remove the
program from distribution.
It's not allowed to use this as source [modifyed or not] in your own work without the 
explicite permission!

* Disclaimer *
This zip-file is provided "as is" with no warranties expressed or implied. The author
will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly
by the use of this program.

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