Exeter's Defiant Patch 2.0

Here is a patch for Admiral's Defiant, by Exedore, with sound for the weapons, and hard point fixes.


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Here is a patch for Admiral's Defiant, by Exedore, with sound for the weapons, and hard point fixes.

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           Star Trek Bridge Commander

Title		: Exeter's patch for admiral's defiant Ver 1.0
Date		: 04-20-2002
Files		: scripts folder this readme
Author		: Exeter, AKA Exedore, based on admiral's hardpoints
Email Address	: [email protected]
Description	: More accurate hull strength, working pulse phaser sound speed, and shielding for the defiant.
Other  Works	: Exeter's galaxy Pahsers 1_0, Exeter's Galaxy/Nebula weapons Upgrade Ver 1.1
Future Works	: Modified Hardpoints for Consttitution adn Miranda class ships
Homepage	: None yet


" Description "

Admiral has made a wonderful ship with his defiant.  Unfortunately it's beset with problems.  It's hull strengtth has been set far to high and makes the thing near indestructable.  And the sound didn't work.  This "patch" fixes that problem by replacing it's hardpoint py file

* Construction *

Base		: original Bridge Commander files, Admiral's Hardpoints.
Editor(s) used	: SDK Model Editor, Textpad
Known Bugs	: None known
Build Time	: about 10 minutes

* Installation *
Delete all defiant files .py and .pyc located in "scripts\ships\hardpoints".  Extract the scripts folders to your path, where you installed Bridge Commander.  This will add a new hardpoint file and file called "PPHASER_SoundPak.py".  The sound issue will take some effort on your part.  Don't be frightened it is easy.  First make sure that you have the latest version of foundation.  This would be version 3.3b which you can download it from here "http://www.bcfiles.com/file.info?2318" if you don't have it already.  next go to "scripts\Plugins\Custom" and open "custom.py".  Now add a line that states "import PPHASER_SoundPak" without the quotes and save the file.  Delete the "custom.pyc" file for good measure and you should be all set.  Remember you can avoid most problems and bugs by deleting the old pyc files when you replace it's counterpart py file.

* Special Thanks *
to Admiral on his defiant
to Activision for the best Star Trek game ever
to Gene Roddenberry, for the entire Star Trek universe

* Copyright / Permissions *


* Disclaimer *
This zip-file is provided "as is" with no warranties expressed or implied. The author
will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly
by the use of this program.

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