Exeter's Unofficial Intrepid HP mod

This mod matches the intrepid to www.ditl.org specs for intrepid class ships. The phaser power is much lower as well as the shield strength...


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This mod matches the intrepid to www.ditl.org specs for intrepid class ships. The phaser power is much lower as well as the shield strength. The recharge rate on both is rather high to compensate for this and the ship can fire multiple phasers at once. Despite the fact that this ship is sorely underpowered in offensive and defensive capabilities its speed can still make it rather effective in skilful hands.

The Intrepid's combat role was also somewhat limited by her size; unable to carry large numbers of torpedoes or high power phaser banks, Starfleet settled on a scouting and support mission for the ship. Fitted out with Type VIII phaser arrays and single fire torpedo tubes, the Intrepid would be capable of engaging vessels the size of a Bird of Prey one-on-one. Her high speed and manoeuvrability combined with the advanced sensor system would also make her a perfect platform to conduct long range reconnaissance missions ahead of fleet operations. Within a major fleet battle the Intrepid would also act in support of larger ships, harrying enemy fleet units and drawing fire away from larger Federation ships. (taken from DITL)

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           Star Trek Bridge Commander

Title		: Exeter's Unofficial Intrepid HP mod
Date		: 04-24-2002
Files		: scripts folder this readme, screenshots
Author		: Exeter, Models by knox
Email Address	: [email protected]
Description	: Fully functional and accurate Phasers for Knox's Intrepid class.
Other  Works	: Exeter's galaxy Pahsers 1_0, Exeter's Galaxy/Nebula weapons Upgrade Ver 1.1, Exeter's Defiant Patch 2.0
Future Works	: Modified Hardpoints for Consttitution and Miranda class ships
Homepage	: None yet


" Description "

This mod matches the intrepid class to it's official specs.  It lowers the power of the shields and phasers while boosting their recharge rates, adds full 

phaser use and corrects any icon issues in the tactical info windows.

* Construction *

Base		: Knox's models Intrepid class.
Editor(s) used	: SDK Model Editor, Textpad
Known Bugs	: None known
Build Time	: about 8 hours

* Installation *
Back up your old "ship name.py files located in scriptsshipshardpoints. Extract the scripts folders to your path, where you installed Bridge Commander, and 

make sure that you have Knox's ships installed or you will have phasers firing from nowhere.

* Special Thanks *
to Knox on the Intrepid
to Activision for the best Star Trek game ever
to Gene Roddenberry, for the entire Star Trek universe

* Copyright / Permissions *

This zip-file cannot be distributed without the permission of the authors in all kind
of media. The packet must remain as it is without dropping out any files, including
this document. The author reserves all rights to ask the distributor to remove the
program from distribution.
It's not allowed to use this as source [modifyed or not] in your own work without the 
explicite permission!

* Disclaimer *
This zip-file is provided "as is" with no warranties expressed or implied. The author
will not be held responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly
by the use of this program.

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